there is so much dust in Sacramento, CA…LA has smog…Sacto has dust…top that off with 3 cats worth of fur & litter box & ya wind up with living in an apartment that gets to be like an endless day at the beach…gritty sand & feathery fur…no comfort in going barefoot…. & none of the perks that come with living by the sea…but there ARE purrks to living with cats…even though unlike dogs, cats have their own Agenda & we as lowly bi-peds must adjust to their needs… whereas Dog drools all over us with oft-times unwarranted loyalty…cats are subtle creatures when it comes to affection…when I returned from a 4-day trip recently, they all 3 of them piled on top of me when I crashed onto the bed…’twas their way of letting me know that they missed me…the CuddleFest has continued & I would like to believe that it is because they missed & love me soooooo much…but…the weather has recently turned chilly & I have pulled out the soft purple micro-fiber blanket for the bed…& well, comfort is a priority on the Agenda…there are long stretches of time when they have absolutely no use for me…but as soon as I sit down with a bowl of milk & cereal, one will suddenly & inconveniently appear & unabashedly insinuate his or her head into the bowl…my boy Mulder likes to play fetch, so at inconvenient times he brings me balls or bottle caps or ponytail bands…I throw the object…he brings it back…I throw…he brings…. the hardest thing is when he DOESN’T bring me anything, but sits & stares at me intensely for a very, very long time as if I am a god & must conjure up a toy to toss…it is only false flattery…Scully likes to drink water from the tap & so she inconveniently appears like a Halloween ghost-cat whenever I step into the bathroom…sometimes she even makes an impatient “peeping” sound if I don’t turn the H2O on soon enough…& Jack…well he’s 11…he naps a lot & asks for pats at inconvenient times…he knows what’s REALLY important…okay so what ARE the purrks that balance out all the inconveniences of litter & fur & flea drops??? well, there are great lessons to be learned from cats about negotiation, compromise, mutual accommodation of needs & of course, love…. I do most of the accommodating…but I am willing…to make a lap for a napping cat is a luxury of comfort…for both (or all) of us…& the curled-up furball keeps me still…it is an honor to be lapped by a cat & it is hard to relinquish that pleasure just to get up for the relief of a full bladder no matter how painful that may be…of course the ultimate lesson of the 18-hour/day job of sleeping is that there’s just not THAT much importance to the “doing” that humans so stubbornly use to cling to a false sense of self-worth…life is really simply a relatively short nap, a dream…& who knows what the heck we’ll wake up to…so doze instead of do…this thing started up being about dust & holy heck there IS a tie-in…cats watch us bluster about constantly trying to beat the number 1 inconvenience…death…but they intuitively KNOW that it’s a game that can’t be won…dust awaits us all in the end so enjoy the purrks while you got ’em…we can throw out the balls or the bottle caps or the ponytail ties… but it’s guaran-damn-teed that one day not a one of ’em will be comin’ back….


About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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