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The Zen of Cat

when I was walking the other evening, I happened to see a cat on the porch of a house…he was hunkered up in the loaf-cat position staring at the front door…very still & intent, just waiting patiently for that door … Continue reading

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he did not come to be a king (Phil.2:7-8)

he did not come to be a king kings build armies raise up swords to tear things down seek power only for the sake of taking dignity away from the poor HE was poor he came to be a teacher … Continue reading

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T-Day Irony

just another 329th day of the year… no big plans (& that’s okay) …still a tear or two on the edge of my mind…. pissed at god: “why can’t I find…?” but I don’t like to STUFF my belly with … Continue reading

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Dogs, Cats & Volunteering

I love animals…. So I am thinking about volunteering at the County Shelter…& thinking…thinking. I like the warm, fuzzy idea of walking dogs, petting cats, feeding rabbits…. It’s the Dark Side that scares me. The stark reality is that unwanted … Continue reading

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Christmas Therapy

“‘Shop until you drop,’or retail therapy, is a popular way of responding to a case of the blues. This is a kind of ‘self Christmas,’ which means giving myself lots of presents in order to affirm that when the chips … Continue reading

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It’s Complicated….

I mailed a small package on Thursday…the box was one of those extra-small flat-rate Priority Mail things…whatever you can stuff into the box gets shipped for $4.95 & the promised delivery time is 2 days…. I didn’t have time to … Continue reading

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Texas Hold ‘Em

It’s always sad when a potential relationship does not work out. But the good news, for me anyway, is that this time the unsuccessful nightmare remained in the “potential” category — no U-Hauls were rented & I did not give … Continue reading

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