The Princess & the Pom

pomeranians are funny little dogs…they look like furry wind-up toys…orange & fluffy…constantly panting…bouncing instead of running…front paws down, back paws up…front paws down, back paws up…. we went for a walk yesterday afternoon along the deserted Farm Road headed east (the choice of direction was a toss-up…west looked pretty much the same as east) along with the Pom & the puppy…the puppy’s energy never wavered, but after about 3/4 quarters of a mile, the Pom slowed down considerably, so I picked her up & carried her in my arms like a baby…(unlike a cat, she was rather comfortable in this upside-down position)…she was light as a feather & eventually she even stopped panting…. & of course it was damn quiet out there (even more so without the panting)…we had the road to ourselves except for one redneck in a pickup truck the size of a battleship who roared past us without slowing down or moving over… & on the way back someone else in a somewhat smaller pickup truck who was polite & had the decency to slow down considerably & give us some space…I suppose that life has a way of kinda balancing things out most of the time…after the first monster truck nearly ripped our arms out of our sockets, I was ready to condemn all redneck drivers in the whole freakin’ state, but then, driver #2 gave me a bit of hope for humanKIND again…. it was altogether a 2-mile walk…we saw a pond & a rather large herd of deer moving along a path through the camouflage of trees…. I was told that the lady who owns all the property in these parts leases out her land during hunting season…I did not ask when hunting season is & have no desire to know…. it’s kinda like the Pom & I are strangers in a strange land here…she’s this delicate fluffball in the land of Rottweilers & Pitbulls & I’m the Jewish American Princess who drives a small car & likes the amenities of city life & who wouldn’t even consider shooting Bambi’s Mom…(& I would wager that there’s not another Jew within at least 200 miles of here)…. so I’ve got the Pom’s back if she needs help in this rough & tumble land of contradictions…& I will carry her when her itty-bitty legs get tired…. I’m just a-hopin’ that good ol’ YHWH is holding me up as I pass through this valley of shadows….

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About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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