Treasure On Earth

Chloe the puppy chewed on my BlackBerry charger cable this morning…the wires were exposed, like veins on a gored arm…but thank goodness the thing still works…. nevertheless, for at least 1 or 2 minutes my blood pressure ever so slightly skyrocketed & righteous indignation flowed through my arteries…”I only left the room for one dadgum minute! Even my cats have not dared to chew on my BB cable!”…& then I looked around for tape, any kind of tape, & made a temporary repair so that things don’t get worse…& then I started thinking about “things” again & what things are important & which are not & “do not store up for yourselves treasure on earth”…. is not the dog more important than the BlackBerry? is not a soul more important than a thing?…. & generally, I am on the side of the soul…& so the pup is safe from any gruesome retaliation on my part…but still remains the question “in the big picture is this thing important?”…on the one hand “No”…this thing was outdated the minute after I bought it…but on the other hand “yes”…because it is one of my lifelines that helps keep me sane as I muddle my way along the trail of my earthly existence…. & oh yes, just 10 years or so ago, I had lived for 40+ years without this magical electronic gewgaw & never knew the difference…. but then the powers of Geekdom said “let there be smartphone” & the peeps said “ooh this is good” & so well, here I am…. I can WriteE-MailFacebookWebSurfTextTakePhotosListenToMusicBlog with this thing (oh yeh, & make phone calls)…& the important part of all that, whether I am temporarily stranded in the middle-of-nowhere or alone in the middle-of-somewhere, is that it helps me feel connected to people…to friends…to the souls who muddle along the earthly path as I do…. okay, so god might say “I’m right here even though you can’t see me”…. true, true, god, right, but some of us need a little nudge…a little assistance…so I figure if this dadgum little “toy” helps me feel more connected to people, that’s a good thing…because staying connected with people means I am staying connected with god….

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About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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One Response to Treasure On Earth

  1. love your dancing on the tightrope of the continuum!

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