The Joys of Noise

in a previous post, the sounds that come out of the silence was the topic…in response, my favorite pen-pal blogged my blog with this bit of lovely imagery: “you know how ‘c’ street runs into elvas and there are the train tracks that run behind my street and in the early morning when i run i can hear them starting to come and they will blow their horn and i can hear the engines warming up and i have come to learn to make their sound into a symphony and the horn blowing is exactly that – the horns – a tuba maybe and one sits at one end of the orchestra & one sits at the other end and they call & respond in talking to each other telling them what they need to know and then the engines are the drums just low like and maybe some other horns too just for the deep sound and the train…maybe even like traffic with horns honking and so forth can become symphonies if we allow them to be that and not just an intrusion of noise”…. & so, you guessed it, I got to thinking about “noise”…. for most of my life I was very sensitive to noise…it was torture sometimes, a nightmare…someone cracking gum could send me into a tailspin…the constant war-like sound of gas-powered leaf blowers could lead me to murderous thoughts…a delivery truck left with the engine running for an hour…gruesome…. well thank big pharma for drugs (the legal kind) because the right combo of meds along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helped me to tune out annoying sounds or at least to tolerate them…. I am still irritated by the guys next door who feel the need to rev up their gas-powered scooters as if they were Harleys for 5-10 minutes while the fumes drift up into my bedroom…but I know they will actually be leaving after satisfying their macho urges, so whatever…. but this post is not about “bad noise”, it’s about good noise, or maybe even making bad noise into good noise through imagination…. I’ve always liked Nature noises: many years ago a traveling companion & I camped out (in a tent!) at one of those KOAs in northern CA…there was a big pond on the grounds & the proprietor warned us about the frogs…story was that some city slickers couldn’t sleep when the green orchestra got going at night…but damn! that was something! a loud & glorious chorus of ribbuting divas…. &I also have a deep abiding love in my heart for “old-fashioned” noises…hence my appreciation for the train symphony described above…I live near railroad tracks myself & love to hear the big cars rumbling along the seasoned wood…it’s comforting…my Dad has always loved trains, so perhaps the appreciation is in my DNA…(however when the warning bell doesn’t stop ringing 20 minutes after the caboose is history well that can be just a bit of a problem)…. when I lived by the sea in Pacific Grove I loved the sound of the foghorn at night…it was like a lullabye to me…but when I returned there to live after an absence the “rich folks” had lobbied to have the foghorn turned off because the “noise” was bothersome to them…alas…. & then there is rain…the talking weather-heads on the local news always use negative terminology when predicting rain, as if we would all die without 2 days of sunshine…but the sound of raindrops…on umbrella tops, the roof of my car, down rain gutters, on sidewalks…what a wonderful delicious treat for my ears…. it’s like , come on weather-heads, there will be enough sun-filled 100-degree days for you to mindlessly zoom around on your jet skis…. yep, I am an oddball…one of the few CA transplants of the 1990s who actually liked the rain in Seattle…. but one person’s “inconvenience” is another person’s treasure…. & then there is the sound of wind blowing through trees…I am not particularly fond of wind per se, but when it tickles the leaves of birch trees on a crisp Autumn day…ah! music!…. when I was a kid my grandparents traveled all over the world on the amazing Cunard ocean liners… (think QE, not Love Boat)…I still remember the tremendous blast of the smokestacks at the docks…the paper streamers rustling in the breeze…the sounds of adventure afoot…. the noise inside my head can be both a blessing & a curse…same for the noise without…it all depends on how you interpret it….

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I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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One Response to The Joys of Noise

  1. for me, it’s the smells after the rain i love–can breathe in deep deep and carry that damp comfort of the pollens not free to blow through the air, the freshness of the air like the sheets use to smell fresh from drying on the clothes lines in the backyard, the crisp freshness with the hems of the sheets bent over a half inch where they wrapped around the thin wire clothes line that rolled on a wheel out further with each pinned on item… the metal smell of that wire.

    love your blog so much am willing to read without any paragraph breaks! love your zigging and zagging first with the positives then the negatives and suddenly asides, and etc etc and so forth as the king of siam was supposed to have said.

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