The Zen of Cat

when I was walking the other evening, I happened to see a cat on the porch of a house…he was hunkered up in the loaf-cat position staring at the front door…very still & intent, just waiting patiently for that door to magically fulfill his wish & open…. I wonder what that’s like…to simply wait patiently in the present moment for your dreams to come true without questioning god & griping about the timing…. I guess it’s pretty much like having faith…that State of Being where you know everything’s going to fall into place, but you haven’t the slightest idea of when or how…. my cat Mulder is an expert at it…he likes to play fetch & often-times he will sit & stare & stare & stare (& stare) at me waiting for me to magically produce a toy to throw…. other times he will bring a toy & drop it nearby & then stare & stare & stare at me ’til I pick it up & toss it…. it is unnerving sometimes…the steadfastness of his faith that he will get what he wants no matter how long he has to wait…. of course cats live in a different time zone than humans do…they are not concerned with minutes & hours…. they simply are just not concerned…or in Zen-Speak, they just are…. me, a minute seems like an eternity when I am waiting for god to do something for me that I think I really need or want…. there are many things to be learned from cats: patience, simplicity & yes indeed, faith…. cats have faith that doors will open, toys will be tossed, food will appear in the bowl…. & if any of these things don’t happen right away, they take a nap while they’re waiting…. oh yeh, I have faith, but often it is accompanied by a lot of pre-conditions, faulty assumptions & impatience…. well, life doesn’t work real well when you’re trying to force god’s hand…in fact it doesn’t work at all…. Mulder wants me to throw a little ball for him right now, but I’m ignoring him, so he’s batting the ball around himself & chasing after it…. he knows that I’ll eventually come around…. & so it is with faith in god…the door will eventually open, but in god’s own unfathomable version of time…. while I’m waiting, I have to find other things to do…the door will open when I least expect it….

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About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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