Of Time & the Flu Shot

I went & got a flu shot earlier this week…I don’t necessarily believe in them, but about a month ago on CallMom day, she made me promise to get a flu shot…. & then 2 weeks ago, on the next CallMom day…well, I still hadn’t gotten it & then came the “Phyllis, you promised”…& I allowed that that was so, but reminded her that the promise was still valid & out there…I just hadn’t gotten around to fulfilling it yet…. well that calmed her down some & then after a couple of more reminders, we were able to hang up with trust restored…. so I got the shot (in approximately 2 weeks on the next CallMom day I’ll be in the clear)…just walked in, flashed my medical ID card & was handed a little slip of paper…. there was no line & as I walked the 6 feet to the needle guy I looked down at the small white paper…it indicated that I was getting an injection versus some kind of nasal mist & on a separate line all to itself…my age…. & that was all…. I handed it to needle guy, he asked me a rote set of questions in a monotone voice & then as soon as I got enough arm space exposed, he stuck me…& that was it…. & I wandered back down the hallway to the door thinking about that number on the little white slip of paper….

since September, my age is the same as the last 2 digits of my birth year…it’s like a double whammy…double the reminder of how long I’ve been on the planet…& then there’s that dumb tiny white slip of paper reminding me that I’m getting a little-old-lady-flu shot because of my 81-year-old Jewish Mother & even though I’m not 15 anymore that petite, 5′ 2” woman can still bring my 55-year-old ass to the ground….

but aging…wow…when I was 15 the time couldn’t go fast enough…& now, it won’t slow down…. flu shots, dentist appointments, gray hair, feeling invisible to folks 30 years younger than me…. & NOW, I’m at that age where I can look back & see how much has happened since I was born…. when I was a child, I was in awe that my grandmother had lived through the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, WWI, WWII, the Korean conflict, the invention of airplanes & cars (she used to call cars by the old-fashioned term “machines”) (as opposed to the horse & buggy!), old radio shows replaced by old TV shows, the moon landing, the death of a son who was only 30, the grand old days of the Cunard ocean liners, washing machines with hand ringers, chapel veils in church….

& holy cr*p, now I have my OWN list of landmarks along the path of life….

the year I was born was the same year that James Dean died, that Rosa Parks wouldn’t change her seat on the bus & the occurrence of the worst heat wave up til that time in Los Angeles, CA. folks even DIED in that heat wave…then along came me….

since then a whole heck of a lot has happened & changed in the world, enough to rival even my grandmother’s amazing journey along the fringe of history….

Viet Nam…JFK…RFK…Martin Luther King, Jr…the Beatle invasion…the “Summer of Love”…3 white men landing on the moon…Desert Storm…Reagan…Bush…Bush…Obama…the Oklahoma bombing…9-11…the so-called “war on terror”…Iraq…Afghanistan…the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act…the Loma Prieta earthquake (& countless others)…the first woman to ALMOST become president…decades of Israeli/”Palestinian” conflict….

I used to own boxloads of vinal records & 45s…then cassette tapes…then CDs…then MP3s…. what could possibly be next for music delivery? my vote is to bring back traveling troubadors….

I listened to my first pop song on a transistor radio…since then I’ve had turntables…cassette players…Walkmans…boom boxes…MP3 players…. (never had an 8-track though)

I learned to type on a manual typewriter…then along came IBM Selectrics…word processors…the PC…notebooks…netbooks…smart phones….

I used to go the movies until the prices skyrocketed…then I had VHS…DVD…BlockBuster…Netflix…streaming video…. now there’s something called Blu-Ray & I don’t even know what the heck that is…. when I was a kid we had one of those huge boxy black & white TVs with dials & tubes & antennae…then along came color…portable TVs…flat screen TVs…HDTV….

my parents still have a black rotary phone in their bedroom…no need to say what phones have come to….

when I was a kid we ate White Wonder Bread & Trix cereal & Big Macs & lots of ground beef & pot roast & bacon & Baskin-Robbins ice cream & we never knew all those things were “bad” for us…. now those comfort foods seem benign compared to today’s genetically altered vegetables, Monsanto seeds, high fructuse corn syrup, “partially hydrogenated” glop & factory farms….

I’ve been harassed for being “gay”…survived Basic Training…grieved the death of my younger brother….

yep a lot has changed (except for the gas-powered automobile…something to ponder there)…& so it will continue to go whether I obsess about the number on that little white slip of paper or not…the essentials remain the same: love…cats…friends…Nature…the essence that is me….

I have been a card-carrying member of the AARP for 5 years…but that’s about to change since I received the most recent issue of their magazine with a smiling George W. Bush on the cover…. I’m not THAT old to put up with such BS….

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About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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One Response to Of Time & the Flu Shot

  1. amen to white Wonder bread!!!!!! (as in bury the stuff) Wrote a double whammy white bread poem, got to find it!

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