It Was 30 Years Ago Today….

I remember where I was when I heard the news. But location is not as important as emotion…the fallout from losing…well, a BEATLE. It was unthinkable! I’d been a fan since they had bounced onto the Ed Sullivan Show stage in 1964; my first record was “Beatles ’65.” John was my favorite — the smart, witty, sarcastic, intelligent one. Handsome too. (I never did understand the Yoko thing though.)

In the days that followed, my mind could not quite get itself around the concept that this was how it all ended for a guy who had been a member of one of the most famous bands of all time — gunned down on a New York City street for no particular reason. Could HE have imagined such a thing?

Good people don’t die at 40…& certainly not an ex-Beatle. John, Paul, George & Ringo were a part of my life — I grew up with them. Losing John Lennon was like losing a part of myself.

That space is still empty, even after 30 years. But his music lives on…”Imagine” can still bring tears to my eyes; “Crippled Inside” can make me laugh; “Strawberry Fields Forever” is still one of the weirdest songs I’ve ever heard.

And at age 40, John was finally growing up….

It is pointless to wonder what could have been; but thankfully we can still enjoy all the gifts that he left us. And we got to share one heckuva vicarious wild ride with him along his short journey.

“Imagine all the people living life in peace….”
John Winston Lennon
9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980

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I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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