It’s All Coming Back To Me….

Well, here it is December again…the dreaded “holiday season” created by our insensitive society to persecute single people. You know, the ones who don’t have that special someone to drag to the holiday parties, to chop down an Advent tree with, to hang-up a stocking for. It can be a lonely time of year.

And now, it’s all coming back to me…. I thought that I was thoroughly over my ex, but the memory of her is haunting me this season. She was the one who accompanied me to all the parties, events, etc., even Christmas Eve service.

I went to the Stephen Ministry annual Christmas party on Monday night and even though she wasn’t there, she WAS there, because she had been there…. She had gone with me several times when we were together and as I gazed around at all the same holiday decor and people and food, those memories were still so vivid.

Last Christmas Eve, I brought a big mellow gray dog with me to the service. He was the best date I’d ever had, but still, SHE was there as she had been the year before along with Brian and Tom and Tom. We had all been sitting in the front row choking on incense.

And I don’t miss the wretched so-called family get-togethers and the over-the-top Christmas decor all over the house, but there’s just something about the holiday season that lends itself to a craving for comfortable, familiar companionship.

And so I muddle along, creating my own holidays in strange and unconventional ways, trying not to be a Grinch and staring with malevolent intent at happy in-your-face couples who sit side-by-side at parties or church with arms around each other’s shoulders….

I’m looking for another dog to be my date on Christmas Eve this year, even if I have to foster one or borrow one.

At least a dog doesn’t take an hour and a half to get ready and doesn’t mind walking to church.

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About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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2 Responses to It’s All Coming Back To Me….

  1. What adorable dog is this?

  2. pjh95811 says:

    Cholo…he was my date for Christmas Eve last year. 🙂

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