Taming the Grinch….

I held the door open for a young employee at La Bou’s the other day…she had her hands full with a tray overflowing with food…so I jumped up to help & she was grateful & I felt good that I had helped…. it wasn’t a big, monumental act in relation to the vastness of the Universe…but still, it counts….

some folks have jobs or ministries that pay the Big Bucks & benefits & have job recognition awards…but I tend to think that for a lot of us, our “jobs” or ministries are low-key, subtle & not always noticed…. but even though a small act of kindness may not be recognized by CNN, it still can change the world….

yesterday I visited my Home Church at 3pm to listen to Advent Lessons & Carols…I hadn’t even known about the event until 1pm when a FB friend told me about it because I was having a Grinch-Attack & she figured that hearing songs at St. Paul’s would cheer me up…. so someone Grinchier than me might say “oh! you look at FaceBook…THAT thing….” but, ya know, more than once or twice or even 3 times, my FB buddies have cheered me up when I’ve felt blue…. so that little invite yesterday was a game-changer…I enjoyed the music AND I got to see a bunch of my most favorite church buddies which was so joyful & would not have happened otherwise…. I was happy & so were my friends….

speaking for myself, I have never been able to latch onto one of the Big Bucks ministries…& I was mad at god about that for a llloooonnnngggg time…but I think I’ve pretty much made my peace with all that…(now I have some other prickly issues with god, but those are for another story)…big is not necessarily better, especially for sensitive souls & misunderstood introverts…god made me this way & so I have to work with what I’ve got….

that syrupy, depressing-til-the-ending holiday movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” does have a point…we have all changed lives for the good in some way or another…anyone who’s ever adopted a shelter cat or dog knows this is true….

I’ve got this big, old dog visiting with me today while his person is at work…. not a big deal to the governor or the dean at the cathedral…but dog & I are Ministering to one another in our own ways…. he experienced a great deal of stress recently & he is simply content to BE here, to have company, to not be alone…. that’s all he wants…. & I am grateful to have his company & the extra motivation needed to get out & walk today….

a friend of mine who thinks on paper & who humbly does not often realize just how profound her thoughts are, recently wrote this:

“so I think that it is what we need to be doing…you go and you walk dogs and you visit people in senior centers and you take an art class or yoga class and you sign up to be a reader for a blind person and you find these things because they are the things that jesus said to do and you do them out in the world and the world heals for that…. i think the message is to go out into the world and do your ministry that you believe in…. walk and feed the ducks…. I miss not spending more time listening to them….”

so do I….


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About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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3 Responses to Taming the Grinch….

  1. loloatlarge says:

    I ♥ U both, so much! Thanks!

  2. pjh95811 says:

    Thanks, Laura. ((hugs))

  3. Wow, yes, these are the things Jesus said to do–wish I’d been at the Advent event…

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