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a wick a lamp of oil sweet sulphur flickers in dusky air a flame matched to a bale of straw ignites a fire that licks its chops hungry for blood filled with desire to live not die into powerless smoke … Continue reading

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Coming and Going

“Everything comes and goes Marked by lovers and styles of clothes Things you once held high and told yourself were true — Lost or changing as the days come down to you.” (Joni Mitchell) People are a pain in the … Continue reading

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The Ruling Class

I’ve never been one for following a lot of rules…and yet when I see a rule being broken that is crushing an underdog, I pull out the books and start researching like a madwoman. A “church” is supposed to be … Continue reading

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“No Expectations…

…no disappointments.” That’s one of the nicer things my brother ever said to me. I can’t recall the particular angst that I was going through at the time — probably about 25 years ago — but I remember those words … Continue reading

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One Hit Wonders!

The other day someone asked me who sang that “Glibby gloop gloopy Nibby Nabby Noopy La La La Lo Lo” song. I love music trivia, so for this one anyway, I remembered that “Good Morning, Starshine,” from the musical “Hair,” … Continue reading

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The Garden Gnome Part 2

The phone rang. Sylvia sneezed for about the 200th time from all the dust in the air. She tried to remember where she had last put down the handset for the telephone. She was hard of hearing and couldn’t quite … Continue reading

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The Garden Gnome

“Hey! Hey, Bob! BOB!” Bob looked up from pruning his perfectly-aligned rose bushes, but saw nothing. “Huh,” he muttered. He looked at his dog Wally who was lounging in the sun. “That wasn’t you, was it?” Wally just panted. Bob … Continue reading

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