Mirror Image

It’s a good thing that aging is generally a slow process…if it happened overnight, the shock of looking in the mirror would probably cause heart failure.

Anyone who has ever watched the TV series, “Ally McBeal,” knows about “wattle.”

For those of you who don’t…. One of the lawyers on the show, Richard Fish, has a quirky fetish about the soft skin on the neck that begins to kind of sag under an older woman’s chin. He called it “wattle.” Dyan Cannon played his main squeeze for the first couple of seasons and in that case, it was easy to understand his obsession.

But in real life, sagging skin does not seem to come up as a sought-after attribute for a trophy wife. “SWM/F seeks same with soft, saggy wattle”? Not!

So it is with some dismay that in recent months I have noticed some wrinkles on my neck that were not a part of the 20-something body that I think used to be mine.

I’m not a lookin’-in-the-mirror-all-the-time kind of gal, so I often don’t think about the aging thing. But there are SOME TIMES when I look up while brushing my teeth and it’s like, OMG, WTH is that???”

Sometimes I see photos of folks when they were younger and I think, “Geez, what happened?” And yet, I still think that I must look the same as I did in 1975! (Well, actually, it’s probably a good thing that I don’t….)

So wattle, gray hair (it’s strange how my gray hair suddenly disappeared….), getting shorter, stronger eyeglass prescriptions, slower metabolism…what’s it all about? Is that our reward for surviving the ups and downs of our lives?

Well, despite Hollywood and Miss Clairol trying to convince us otherwise, time doth make equals of all us Baby Boomers. The beat goes on…. (ha ha) It’s still what’s inside that really counts — it always was and always will be.

A sense of humor helps, too. No matter what I happen to see in the mirror in the months and years ahead, I’ll always have “Ally McBeal.

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About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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