Old to New and Back Again

“The old order changeth, yielding place to new….” (Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

The old order changed yielding not much that was new: There is no single-payer health care; Guantanamo is still open (well, not “open” actually — it’s…uh…locked); US troops continue to sweat bullets in Afghanistan and Iraq; Too-Big-To-Fail banks keep serving themselves instead of consumers; unemployment continues; the fake food we eat is expensive and…fake….; and, oh yeh, there are still a lot of peeps out there who don’t like Jews.

The world is mind-boggling…some things change so fast they’re gone before you see ’em and other stuff stays stubbornly the same.

I’ve lived in my “new” apartment for nearly two years. (Where’d that time go?) I still call my two black cats “kittens” but they’re more than a year old all of a sudden.

And seemingly out of nowhere, Egyptians poured into the streets of Cairo…and what was new one day was old the next, replaced by something new that was old the day after that.

What I might have written yesterday is not true today….

Dictators come and often stay a long long time and then they go…. And hopefully what is new won’t be the same as before or worse.

And poverty never seems to go away…anywhere…the location and severity of it changes from day to day.

Democracy is not a new idea but it will be for an Arab country and mazel tov on that. The Middle East tensions are older than god but hopefully change will be good for Israel too.

There are people who say that Israelis are mean to ‘Palestinians’ even though in the old long-ago Golda Meir said there is no such thing as a ‘Palestinian’ people. And Israelis, I guess are not supposed to protect themselves from that inconvenient terrorist organization called Hamas. You know, that old group that was elected onto power in that silly little Democratic election during Bush II’s reign? And even though Hamas was mean and started shooting rockets into Israel right after that, Israel is still not supposed to defend herself because that’s mean. Huh….

The old order is changing, but…not really…. The Jews were there first and Mohammed didn’t come along ’til around 650AD, but Islam is still around and in a new old way, jihadists are vowing to annilihate Israel. And this is not even really a new idea, because Hitler already tried to kill off all the gays and gypsies, Catholics and people with with purple hair…oh, yeh, and those dadgum Jews.

And it’s happening again….

But everything that’s old is history. And everything that’s supposed to be new is…old….

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About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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