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When Harry the dog and I get to the corner of the street he lives on, he crosses the street diagonally. At all other intersections we cross in crosswalks from corner to corner, but as soon as he knows that … Continue reading

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sometimes   when the air is just this side of a fragile brisk   cold I am reminded of   your cypress & pine embrace   how you nurtured me and let my tears   mingle with your gentle   … Continue reading

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“There’s Nothing So Absurd…

…that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it.” – William James (1842-1910) Suddenly it’s very trendy among so-called liberals and progressives to be pro-“Palestine” and anti-Israel. And as if Jews all over the world have not already … Continue reading

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Agent of Death

I attended a workshop earlier in the week about Advance Directives for Health Care. An Advance Directive is an official document that an individual can fill out and have notarized that specifies what her or his end-of-life wishes are. In … Continue reading

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They Paved Paradise…

…and put up a parking lot. Yep, parking lots are on my mind today. Specifically, I am disturbed about parking lots that have parking spaces that are too small to comfortably squeeze your car into. Now, there are some older … Continue reading

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The White Rose

shadows   creep into fertile black soil   strangle roots exquisitely…   slowly… ’til they are entangled   in an embrace     of suffocation death   creeps up wilted stems   above a crumbling ridge   of dirt seeking … Continue reading

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Before I Forget….

Most of us have old family stories that have been verbally handed down to us over the years…some that we heard as children that we vaguely remember and others that we experienced ourselves that we…well, vaguely remember. I have cats, … Continue reading

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