Creepy Sharia

When a radical Islamist says “There is no god but Allah”…well, he means it. (I use the pronoun “he” because Muslim women living under Sharia law are not allowed to say much of anything.)

There is zero percent room for leeway on that one…zip. No god but Allah….

Of course, it is very PC amongst the progressive elite to believe that all gods…whether Jewish, Hindu, Lutheran or Catholic…are basically the same warm-hearted, loving god. But as for Allah…count him out on the warmy-lovey thing.

Allah hasn’t much use (or love) for women, gays, Jews or Infidels. (Infidels are the peeps who are not Muslim.) I’m an Infidel, for instance, plus a Jew and a woman…uh-oh….

When the Prophet Muhammed channelled Allah’s teachings into what became the Quran, a whole heckuva lot of rules and laws were created.

Now, on the face of it, the Quran may seem like a pleasant lovey-warmy read on some pages. But before you think about doing your transcendental meditation by combining verses from the Bible, the Torah, the Buddha and the Quran, you need to take into consideration something called the “hadith.”

In Arabic, hadith means, “that which is new from amongst things.” Hadith is a kind of exegesis, if you will, of the teachings of Muhammed that are considered an extension of the Quran and thus are part of Islamic law.

Clear as mud, huh? Well, Islam is actually a (so-called) “religion” of smoke and mirrors.

But if you blow some of the smoke away, you will discover that Islam is not a religion at all. It is a theocracy.




– noun

form of government in which God or a deity is recognized as the supreme civil ruler, the God’s or deity’s laws being interpreted by the ecclesiastical authorities

1. system of government by priests claiming a divine commission

2. commonwealth or state under such a form or system of government

(Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2011)

Which brings us back to Allah. Not only is Allah the “only god,” he is also the only ruler of all people. His laws are binding on everyone. The whole world, if Allah gets his way, will one day be totally governed by the law of Islam.

Radical Islamists have been and are now, waging jihad on Europe and the United States. Just because you don’t have bombs dropping into your backyard BBQ in the suburbs, does not mean that radical Islam is not here. Radical Islamists weasel their way into our lives with their smoke and mirrors, or with what is more commonly known as…lies.

This process is calling “Creeping Sharia.”

There are writers, cartoonists and artists who have died or are under the threat of death because they have dared to speak out against Islam. If you think I’m kidding or nuts, draw a picture of Muhammed (who apparently is “camera-shy”) and then try to submit it to a magazine, newspaper or any other kind of publication. You will have no takers.

That is because radical Islamists have tricked the “politically correct” among us into believing in “Islamophobia.” We all have to walk around on eggshells so that we don’t hurt Allah’s feelings. And in the meantime, radical Islamists creep around advancing their agenda.

Of course, there are many more complications, but there is plenty of information out there…books, videos, movies, blogs…that the fact-checkers among us can use to substantiate the phenomena of Creeping Sharia.

There is a documentary movie called “The Third Jihad” that is easily available on Netflix. Start with that and also this:
“Three Things That You (Probably) Don’t Know About Islam”

The story is not over yet….

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