Why do men insist on building big dangerous things that Mother Nature can take out with one hand tied behind her back?

Why do men build big scary dangerous things that they ultimately cannot control?

Fuel rods in three reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant in Japan appear to be melting, according to various news sources. That’s “melting” as in “meltdown.”

All three reactors lost their cooling systems as a result of the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and 23-foot tsunami that devastated Japan on Friday, 12 March.

And what’s going on in northeastern Japan right now is darn scary. Explosions, radiation leaking into the atmosphere, women, men, children and animals all in danger.

That’s you and me and our families, friends and animals also, by the way. This is not just a problem for the Japanese. The planet has gotten to the point that now, in the 21st century, what affects one affects us all.

I’m not a scientist so I don’t which way the wind if going to blow on this one. After the BP oil spill last year, it became apparent that the people “in charge” cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

It’s like, how dumb do the bigwigs think we are? Millions of gallons of oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico and Americans were told, after the dagum thing was finally plugged, that everything was “okay.” BP cleaned it all up and the oil miraculously was “gone.” It was so *gone* that Barack Obama pretended to swim in the Gulf with his daughter Sasha just to appease Big Oil.

So the reports up to now that say “no biggie” about radiation fallout in Japan…well, call me skeptical to say the least.

Men have been scrambling around like ants since Friday trying to “fix” the big broken dangerous thing. Nuclear reactors are incredibly complicated to construct. But it is pretty obvious that there was no “Plan B” in regard to how to fix the complicated contraption in the event of a natural disaster.

For that matter, there seems to have been no Plan A either….

Pouring seawater into a nuclear reactor is not very high tech…just like stuffing a gushing oil well with old golf balls is not very high tech.

The world’s hunger for energy in the form of electricity and gas is insatiable. Dictators are propped up for oil, miners lose their lives digging for coal, corners are egregiously cut for the sake of production and profit.

If the reactor in Japan blows, people will suffer. Not just in Japan, but possibly along the West Coast of the United States. The tsunami caused by the 9.0 earthquake made it all the way to California so…well, connect the dots.

We’re all in this together…. If mankind is going to keep building big dangerous things that can’t be fixed when they break then we all have to take responsibility for the outcomes because a lot of us are addicted to the byproducts.

We all need to pitch in to somehow to intervene for our planet. Ride a bike, walk, light a candle, ride a horse, play an instrument instead of an iPod. The government is not going to take care of us when the oil rigs or the nuclear reactors explode.

We have to take care of one another.

©March 2011 by Phyllis J. Hanniver

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I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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