Mourner’s Kaddish

On Friday night, 12 March 2011, a Palestinian terrorist broke into the home of the Fogel family in the West Bank settlement of Itamar in Israel and brutally stabbed 5 people to death.

Udi and Ruth Fogel, the 35- and 36-year old parents, and their 3 children, Hadas, 3 months old, Elad, 4 years old and Yoav, 11 years old, were the victims of this cowardly, disgusting act of violence.

The Fogel Family

The family is survived by two other children, Tamar, 12, and Yushai,  2 years old.

Daughter Tamar, who had been out for the evening at a youth group activity, returned home at around midnight and, with a neighbor, made the horrible, bloody discovery.  She will have to live with that tragic memory for the rest of her life.

When word got out on the streets about the murders, Palestinians celebrated by handing out candy. 

 The mainstream media in the United States has had little interest or no use for this tragic story…perhaps because it disproves the “progressive” view that “Palestinians” are being persecuted by Israelis.

So whatever you think of Glenn Beck, love or hate him, at least HE had the decency to speak out about this senseless massacre of innocent people.

If you want to see what the “persecuted Palestinians” did to the sleeping, defenseless Fogel family, look at this link.  Be forewarned that the photos you will see are graphic, bloody and sickening.

May the souls of the deceased rest in peace and may the souls of the living find peace.

Mourner’s Kaddish:

May His great Name grow exalted and sanctified  (Amen)

in the world that He created as He willed.

May He give reign to His kingship in your lifetimes and in your days,

and in the lifetimes of the entire Family of Israel,

swiftly and soon. Now say:


(May His great Name be blessed forever and ever.)

Blessed, praised, glorified, exalted, extolled,

mighty, upraised, and lauded be the Name of the Holy One

(Blessed is He)

beyond any blessing and song,

praise and consolation that are uttered in the world. Now say:


May there be abundant peace from Heaven

and life upon us and upon all Israel.  Now say:


He Who makes peace in His heights, may He make peace,

upon us and upon all Israel. Now say:


Never Forget….








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I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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