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Natural Born Citizen

Did you know that Sarah Palin never said that she could see Russia from her back porch? Honest Engine…. Comedian Tina Fey said that she could see Russia from Sarah Palin’s back porch. Go ahead — Google it! You’ll see…. … Continue reading

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There is a status update that recently made the rounds on FaceBook that goes like this: “If you grew up on home-cooked meals, you rode a bike with no helmet, your parents’ house was not ‘child-proof,’ you got a spankin’when … Continue reading

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The Best Bostie Is A Sleeping Bostie

Morning!!! Waiting, waiting, waiting for me to stumble out of bed!! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! We get to come out of the crate! Paws click click clicking frantically on bare floor!! Little black bodies clamouring around my legs … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened To…

…Sharon Lee Myers? In 1969, I had a long-playing record called “Laurel Canyon” that I wore the grooves out on some of the tracks. The woman on the album cover had long blonde hair and was wearing some Hippie-Dippie pre-1970 … Continue reading

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Blog This….

My BFF here in Sacramento doesn’t read blogs or write blogs or know how to get on a blog. But her brain is a self-described “garage sale” filled with peculiar and unique ideas and questions. She knows that I have … Continue reading

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A Duck’s Life

oh to be a duck to softly quack & not bemoan the lack of any person place or thing to nest & simply KNOW I’ve done my best whether paddling around or waddling on the ground life is not a … Continue reading

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The Only Thing To Fear Is Sphere Itself

When I was a kid, my mother used to hard-boil eggs during the Easter season. And she’d buy those funny little dye-kits at the grocery store so that my brother and I could then color the eggs. And my parents … Continue reading

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