“The Poor Will Always Be With Us”…

…but when god said, “…open your hand to the poor and needy…in your land,” I’m thinkin’ that he didn’t mean to hold out your hand so much that they remain poor for the rest of their lives.

At the church I used to go to [the church where a priest told me I could not blog about the church because I was on the “Board of Directors” and I was like, Okay…. But in my head I was thinkin’, “Huh…. Write? or boring meetings? Write? or church politics? Write? or resentment?”]* there is a weekly community dinner for the neighborhood peeps…i.e. mostly chronically homeless peeps.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Feeding people in need is a good thing…I have in the not-so-distant past helped out on many occasions… And of course, “There but for fortune…” etc. etc.

But it has come to my attention lately that some (not ALL!) homeless guests have…how shall I say…a few extra requests.

Some homeless guy who has a laptop and a blog e-mailed one of the Community Dinner organizers and requested that the church consider serving ORGANIC food to the (mostly homeless) dinner participants. Seriously….

Well, let’s see…. A lot of people who aren’t homeless can’t even afford to buy so-called “organic food” for themselves and this guy is requesting that church volunteers buy ORGANIC food for the guests?!?!

And it’s like, okay, sure, dude, let’s hop on over to Trader Joe’s and buy 100 packages of tofu…. We’ll see how you like that!

So the Organizer e-mailed him back and said, “Heck, no…I can’t afford to do that.”

End of story, right?

Nooooo…. Blogger Guy e-mailed Organizer that he is not going to mention the [the church’s new Saturday morning community] breakfast in his blog because there is “a ton of food being given away in the north area and the people there won’t travel to have crappy bad food in your area….”

“Crappy bad food.” The Thursday night dinners have mostly been lovingly-prepared salads and soups with sides of bread, butter and even dessert. Some of the soups are canned, but other soups have been yummy concoctions made by those interesting people who like to cook. Sometimes there are even casseroles of comfort foods such as mac ‘n’ cheese.

So maybe Blogger Guy has a few screws loose, but I personally have heard other things as well that have caused me to bite my tongue in agony.

Fer instance, I was in line for dinner along with everyone else one evening and the guy behind me asked me if there were usually second-servings at that dinner. And at another meal, the guests went through the line (that I was helping serve) so many times that I almost didn’t get anything to eat myself! (And me with low blood sugar? Not pretty.)

So I’m wondering now if Blogger Guy has posted a “Guide to Free Dinners and Breakfasts.” You know…like one of those restaurant guides with the 5-star rating system. “Church A: Uses canned soup…2 stars…. Church B: Uses real butter instead of margarine…5 stars…. Church C: Serves leaded coffee instead of decaf…5 stars…. Church D: Never serves dessert…1 star….”

Anyway…I told my Community Dinner Organizer friend that with all the $$$ that she spends on food for finicky eaters she could open her own sandwich shop.

Now I’m not sayin’ that ALL homeless people are starting to get “Entitlement Syndrome,” but I can foresee a very disturbing trend taking root.

And of course it is absolutely not my place to judge as to why a person is homeless…Stuff Happens. We all need a helping hand at some time or another.

BUT…I gotta wonder about the homeless peeps who DO have incomes and can afford to buy 5$ packs of cigarettes, cell phones and the usual drugs and alcohol, but can’t be bothered to chip in for what is otherwise a free meal.

One pack of cigarettes = one meal. And if you want organic fries with that, it’s extra….

*[I resigned from the B of D….]


About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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2 Responses to “The Poor Will Always Be With Us”…

  1. june gillam says:

    Love your writing and observations and the wit you set them out with!

  2. Laura Jestes says:

    How did I miss this musing?!!! Are you kidding me? ORGANIC food? What??? I know, you can’t make this stuff up! The cigarette smoking homeless blogger guy wants us to feed him free organic food? Mercy. WWJD? WWJS? Hummm, I think I might have to think on that and respond!!! Thanks for sharing.

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