Blog This….

My BFF here in Sacramento doesn’t read blogs or write blogs or know how to get on a blog.

But her brain is a self-described “garage sale” filled with peculiar and unique ideas and questions.

She knows that I have a blog (and of course, she does not read it) so she will often start out a paragraph in an e-mail with “Blog this….” And I never know WHAT I’m gonna read next.

Occasionally, I use some of her ideas and have then wondered, “Does this mean she gets a byline?” But…I also know, bless my heart, that she would not want her name out there in cyberspace for all the world to see.

Anywho…today’s “suggestion” was a doozy…. I can just be a lazy editor this time and copy and paste:

“Blog this…. Saturday I am driving to the gym on Howe off of Fair Oaks and in the Panera Bread shopping plaza there is a new big store just opened up — ‘Sacramento’s Number 1 Phone Accessories.’ So explain why are we the society who will spend so much money on accessorizing our phones…. Why do phones need to have color-coordinated outfits with our outfits? Why do they need their own purses and pouches and diamond studded cases? This as who we are is a perfect example of why other people in the world hate us…we have accessories for our phones…. It is a phone…PLASTIC…. I think pet accessories have gone way overboard too but at least you can advocate that pets are living breathing things. A phone is not…it is plastic…. But we have now nearly more accessories for our phones than Barbie does who is plastic also…. And yet we will bitch about gas prices which we are willing to bomb and kill other people for so that we can drive our big SUVs and Hummers and our low-riders and ghetto cars to the phone accessory store to get the new ‘otter’ or ‘seal’ cover in cubic zirconia for our i-Phones. How much lack of ego or self-esteem as a people do we have? Are we missing that we need a store to dress up our phones???
That is all I have….”

Well, of course I will not tell her about how excited I was the other day. After nearly two years into my relationship with my Amazing BlackBerry, I finally found the proper “skin” that fits it perfectly and lines up with all its many orifices correctly.

It’s just a simple basic black, however, that goes with everything — no sequins or Flower Power patterns.

But otherwise…what can I add? Her words speak for themselves…and for me too.

©April 2010 by Phyllis J. Hanniver & the BFF


About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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2 Responses to Blog This….

  1. loloatlarge says:

    And why do we need metal things pierced all over our bodies? Why do we need a different pair of glasses for every day of the week? Why do we need a $100k car? Seriously? Even IF I had a million bucks, I would NEVER, EVER spend that obscene amount of money on a CAR! I do not get that. . . I don’t understand why we spend sooo much money on killing people and not enough on feeding people, housing people, and treating mental illness and drug addiction? And why do we have to to have “enhanced water”? What’s wrong with plain ole water? Complete waste of funds. . . if you ask me. 🙂 happy holy week. Jesus would not have a sparkly phone cover or flavored water, but he did have some piercings . . .

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