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What If George W. Bush Had Said All This Crap?

Or, Stupid Quotes from the Mainstream Media’s Infallible Messiah…. “We’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that’s fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money. But, you know, part … Continue reading

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The Reason for the Season

So it’s Memorial Day weekend…another one of those 3-day family/friend/72-hour-BBQ holidays designed by the government to torture single people. Well no, not really…. The 72-hour-BBQ thing is accurate but the reason for the Monday off is so that we can … Continue reading

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The Safety Seal of Approval

Yesterday, I stopped at the grocery store and bought one of those little jars stuffed with tasty artichoke hearts. But when I was trying to open my treasure back home in my kitchen, the lid wouldn’t turn. Closer inspection revealed … Continue reading

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Reality Check

Okay, let me do a reality check…. Barack Hussein Obama threw Israel to the wolves on Thursday, May 19th. PM Benjamin Netanyahu shot him down (verbally) on Friday, May 20th. Obama addressed the AIPAC crowd on Sunday (5/22) and pretty … Continue reading

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Cannery Row

Even Steinbeck Might Have Trouble Writing About Cannery Row Today By Phyllis J. Hanniver Los Angeles Times, 18 February 1990

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Left Behind

I’m not worried about being Raptured tomorrow…I don’t think Jesus is ready for me yet. And anyway…it probably would be more fun to be one of the outlaws who gets “left behind.” I mean, like, there are probably some folks … Continue reading

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There Is STILL No Such Thing…

…as a “Palestinian” people. Today, Barack Hussein Obama gave his speech on his expectations and goals for the Middle East. He said many ridiculous things but his most outrageous statements concerned Israel, the only friend and peaceful ally of the … Continue reading

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