#@?¡*+€ +*¡?@€#

Have you ever had a “Rosa Parks Moment”* where maybe you’re tired or hungry and then someone does something that irritates you? And you’re so exhausted and fed up that you say or do something “irrational” that you might not say or do otherwise?

I had one of those moments last night…and damn, I couldn’t believe myself. No need to go into ALL the gory details, but there was a kind of reason to my madness.

There are 4 upstairs apartments in my building and the only way to get up to them is via a long, steep stairway.

When I first moved in 2+ years ago, I thought I was going to DIE every time I climbed to the mountaintop. But I’ve mostly gotten used to them…it is only when I am extra tired and hot that the last 3 steps are killers.

Anyway, I am the only woman living in this building. There is a total of 4 other men living in the other 3 apartments, (plus! there is the male bookshop owner downstairs).

And I guess I just sometimes get sooooo tired of incivility and lack of neighborliness. There are 4 apartments crammed up here and nobody interacts very much.

And I guess “chivilry” is dead as a doorknob as well. I could tumble down the stairs and crack my head open on the glass security door and 10 to 1 odds not one of these hot dogs would open the door to see if I was okay.

Last night I pulled up to the curb and got out of my car with 2 bags of groceries. One of the jackass guys was outside…and before I got close, he went inside, closed the outer door behind him and slinked up to his apartment and hurried inside.

I was right behind him as I UNLOCKED the door that he had JUST locked. And as he hurried to scoot through his door, I called him a #@?¡*+€ +*¡?@€#.

Doors were slammed…end of story.

Of course, I WAS tired and hungry and probably would not have taken him out so brutally if I had been happy and lovin’ life.

BUT…it wasn’t the first time I was ignored as I struggled to carry up or carry down by 3 of the 4 morons.

(The fellow who lives across from me is several years older than me and is the only gentleman of the bunch.)

One of the guys is under 25, a graduate of “Princeton” and has a self-absorption rating of 10 out of 10.

The other 2 males are “nesting” (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and constantly burning incense as if nobody could possibly figure out why they would be doing that.

And honestly, I have tried to be neighborly, but there comes a time when unreturned thoughtfulness starts getting as annoying as a bounced check.

Next time one of them closes a door in my face, hopefully I will be rested and my blood sugar will be properly regulated.

But…yeh…last night I could sure empathize with how Rosa Parks must have felt that day on the bus 55 years ago.

©May 2011 by Phyllis J. Hanniver

*Whoops! I hope that using the term “Rosa Parks Moment” is not considered “RACIST”!!!!

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