Race To Destruction

Suddenly!  “Racism” is a trending topic in 2011!

And that would be the specific “racism” of saying anything bad or negative about Barack Hussein Obama!

So now, in the 21st century, it is not “Politically Correct” to talk about the [probably-fake] birth certificate or the Constitutional questions related thereof because that would be “racist.”

And to wonder about those missing school records or the Rosemary Woods-25-minute-gap in the Bin Laden video tape that BHO and friends were watching so seriously?  Uh, roger that, those would all be “racist” questions.

And I guess we still can’t question why the Obamas started having Wednesday night cocktail parties at the White House despite high
unemployment, home foreclosures and rising debt because THAT would be “racist.”

Or, like, why does Michelle Obama‘s Mama get a free ride in the White House?  Oops…”racist.”

And I suppose it’s even “racist” to wonder why BHO received a Nobel Peace Prize for not doing anything until after he received the “award.”. And then what he did was to
escalate the war in Afghanistan, bomb Libya
and take-out a terrorist with a bullet to the brain.  “Racist,” “racist,” “racist.”

And to question WHY BHO is taking ALL the credit for the OBL “mission-accomplished” event?  “Racist.”  And WHY did he send an e-mail FORM LETTER to 50 9-11 families inviting them to his Ground Zero photo-op and then bounce around the room
like Mr. Prom Guy greeting the long-suffering families of firefighters, policemen, Twin Tower victims and rescue workers like it was some kind of 2am after-party?

And to top it all off, he then snubbed activist Debra Burlingame, wife of a deceased FDNY firefighter, by turning his back on her when she asked him a question he didn’t like. Yep…it’s all “racist” to wonder about that.

And all that “transparency” that Obama promised on the 2008 campaign trail?  There’s another hot red bed of “racist” coals.

When George W. Bush was President, anyone could wonder anything about all the goofball things he said and did, but that wasn’t considered “racism.”  Huh….  And Dick Cheney shot a man in the face and the jokes flew just like Dick’s stray bullets…but those jokes weren’t considered “racist.”

And Bill Clinton…was it “racist” of him to not-to-have-had-sex-with-that-woman?

Well I just gotta ask the same question that Tina Turner used to sing, “What’s Race Got To Do With It?”*

Even that arch-conservative blowhard, ‘Stephen Colbert,’ has said that he is racially color-blind.  “I don’t see race,” he says repeatedly, “I don’t see black people.”

Or, you know, there’s that line from the flick “The Sixth
Sense” where the kid says “I see dead people.”  It is very important to notice that he did not say “I see black people.”

And when peeps refer to a “race” of people, sometimes they simply just mean the “human race.”

Oh yeh…and not to forget the “Islamophobes” who are called “racist” even though
Islam is not a race, it is an idealogy, a set of inhumane rules for governing a person’s entire life.  And not in a very pleasant way either.

And!  Not to forget the recent story about Herman Cain, CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, a conservative black man, who may be a presidential contender for 2012.

Conservative white voters are very excited about Herman Cain and Lefties don’t know what the heck to do with that one.  It is easy for them to spin that conservative white
peeps who don’t like Obama and would never vote for him are “racists.”  B…b…but…how can white peeps vote for Herman Cain if they are “racists”??  That scenario doesn’t fit the Obama spin cycle.

Why are Obamaramas using “racism” like a bullhorn to SHOUT people down…to silence those who ask questions??

Whatever happened to reaching across the aisle and agreeing to disagree?

And hey…couldn’t it be considered “racism” for a white person to call another white person “racist”?

People are being stupid.  As Elmer Fudd used to say, “There’s something screwy going on around here.”

And as Bugs used to say, “Maybe it’s you, Doc.”

Let’s tighten up those dadgum screws.  America is being screwed by an inept community organizer who just happens to be black.

That is NOT “racism.”  That is a crime.


About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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