You Can’t Live With ‘Em…

…and you can’t live without ’em….

People can be a pain in the butt sometimes.

It’s like, occasionally I just go into deep hibernation mode and ignore ’em…blessedly free of all the games and disappointments and second-guessing. The cats love those days.

But other times I wake up from the cocoon of slumber and…ugh…I feel lonely.

So I squint my eyes and venture forth into the light to see who’s out there and maybe I find someone to hang out with for awhile who doesn’t bore me to death and things are cool.

But then…with a suddeness that is breathtaking at times…the other person disappears without a word into his or her own cocoon of hibernation and leaves behind an empty void that is never explained.

It is interesting that even though by definition human beings are social animals and crave conversation and someone to sit next to them at the movie theater they are often so dadgum unreliable.

I tend not to take friendships for granted so I am always surprised when other people do. It’s like, wow, are OP (other people) so self-absorbed that they can just walk away when something better comes along?

Just why are ‘people who need people the luckiest people in the world’???

And then we’re supposed to “forgive” others and not harbor resentments, but it’s like, good grief, REALLY?? Surrender just like that? Just pull the knife from our gut and bleed out with a smile on our face?

The cats love it when I’m stuck at home bleeding out, bless their sweet little hearts. They are patient with my grumpiness and confusion because they get extra lap time and cuddle time and me-talking-to-them time.

And they are good company mainly because they have no hidden agendas. And they basically know that it would not be in their own good self-interest to suddenly just disappear.

So what is it with people then?

It is our disposable-throwaway society that causes people to be discarded onto the trash heap of life? 500 styrofoam cups, used just one time, are thrown into a garbage bin without any second thoughts. So I guess it’s throw your used friends in there too.

Why are connections with people so fragile? Why are we all so “busy”? Why do people move around so much?

Is everyone looking around for the “next big thing” in people just as they are awaiting the next big thing in iPhone?

I dunno….

I don’t like living without people (living WITH them is a whole ‘nother story) so I go on in my eternal search for an intelligent conversation…and for someone who will sit still long enough to finish it.

©May 2011 by Phyllis J. Hanniver


About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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