Reality Check

Okay, let me do a reality check….

Barack Hussein Obama threw Israel to the wolves on Thursday, May 19th. PM Benjamin Netanyahu shot him down (verbally) on Friday, May 20th. Obama addressed the AIPAC crowd on Sunday (5/22) and pretty much threw Israel to the wolves again…but this time he mixed in some flowery nice words for filler.

And now today, Monday, he is conveniently off on a 6-day junket to Europe, first stop the village of Moneygall, Ireland.

Can we all say, “Distraction”? Come on, join me now…”DISTRACTION.”

Apparently Obama has some great great- great- great-relative on his mother’s side who was born in Ireland.

Well so do I…have a great- great- great-somebody who came to America from Ireland. But the government isn’t paying me to travel to County Cork to walk around the grounds of my ancestors.

Say it again with me: “DISTRACTION.”

Methinks I see a pattern emerging….

Obama released a PDF of his long-form “birth certificate” on April 27 (a form that the White House had previously strenuously stressed was non-existent), held a brief press conference and then hurried off to tape a show with his partner in crime, Oprah Winfrey.

Two days later, on Friday, April 29, William and Kate got married and the Space Shuttle Endeavor almost took off.

Birth certificate? What birth certificate?

And THEN…on Sunday, May 1, Obama scheduled a press conference for late that Sunday evening. And of course he was late to the party…he made the American people wait at least an hour before finally walking to his televised podium and teleprompters.

The “surprise”? Osama Bin Laden was DEAD!!

Using the word “I” “me” and “my” 13 times in a 1500-word speech, our courageous POTUS detailed how the successful mission had been secretly carried out by Navy Seals that morning.

Amazingly, despite the secrecy of the mission and the announcement, there was a crowd of young people outside the White House almost simutaneously cheering the great news as Obama announced it.

Then he woodenly turned his back on all of us, walked back down the corridor and disappeared. He did not take any questions.

So wow! Celebration! Bad man dead! But…oh…wait…NO BODY! No photo of body! Body was conveniently tossed into the ocean before its liver temp even had a chance to cool down. Oh and the bad guy received respectful Muslim burial rite.

Oh, and after throwing Israel to the wolves the first time, Obama quietly ignored the Constitution by refusing to ask Congress for permission to extend the 60-day-old kinetic military operation (i.e. WAR) in Libya that expired on May 20th.

As SOME peeps are finally noticing, the Obama Administration is hands-down the LEAST transparent regime in the history of the United States.

Not only is the man himself a mystery, his whole political machine is cloaked in clouds of lies and illusions.

Today in Ireland, Obama’s automobile (that has more armor than any Army Humvee in Iraq or Afghanistan), broke down on the way out of the driveway.

A delay ensued while Obama minions scrambled to figure out that the car couldn’t move and that O and his wife were going to need substitute wheels.

There was a crowd of friendly Irish folk standing across the street waiting to cheer for their home boy. So what did the Obama minions do? They pulled a HUGE van up to block the driveway and the disabled vehicle so that none of the friendly Irish folk could see what was going on.

The Odd Couple…er, I mean the First Couple…were transported, sight unseen, out of the area through an alternate exit.

No waves to the crowd, no photo ops, no kissing babies or shaking hands to pass the time. They just disappeared into the Irish Mist.

So “BFD” you might say…he’s the “Leader of the Free World,” he can do whatever he wants.

Yeh yeh…but he’s also an EMPLOYEE of the citizens of the United States. We all are his BOSS! We deserve accountability!

On April 4th, Obama announced the start of his 2012 re-election campaign.

It seems like he’s been in stealth cover-up/make-himself-look-good mode ever since.

Can I hear a big chorus of “DISTRACTIONS”?

In anticipation of the release of the book “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” by Jerome Corsi, Obama and his team released a digital birth certificate on the White House website.

When computer geeks determined that it was fake, the White House took that one down and posted a doctored-up version of the doctored-up original.

And for icing-on-the-cake, the minions released T-shirts and coffee mugs with appliques of the fake B/C on them. “Made in the USA!” they suspiciously proclaimed!

And yet, there is STILL no answer to the Constitutional question of, “Is Barack Hussein Obama a ‘natural born citizen’?”

Now that BHO has released a “birth certificate” that shows that his father was born in Kenya, We the People have the RIGHT to ask that question.

And yet…for some shady, mysterious reason we are not allowed to ask. To question Obama’s eligibility to sit in the Oval Office would be “racist.”

So now Obama and his bozos are celebrating their dictator’s white Irish roots.

Can we say “Distraction”?

After the First Dude gets back from his European tour of Britain, Poland and France, will he and the missus hop back on a plane to explore his African roots in Kenya?

Ha! Probably not. He wouldn’t want to jar the short-term memories of his fawning admirers.

That would be too distracting.

©May 2011 by Phyllis J. Hanniver


About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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