Alice Walker

How can people whose people have been chronically oppressed and discriminated against so cruelly treat other people whose people have been chronically oppressed and discriminated against?

That’s a rhetorical question I suppose, but it’s one that has bugged me for quite some time.

Later this month, a group of jackass Americans will be participating in “International Flotilla II.” Ten boats carrying 1,000 people from all over the world, to include Turkey, Ireland, Spain, Canada and Switzerland, will be sailing to Gaza, the so-called “Palestinian territory,” to protest Israel’s naval blockade of the area that has been in effect since 2007 when the terrorist group Hamas was elected to power.

The Flotilla is supposed to be a “humanitarian” mission to benefit the “Palestinians” living in Gaza. This is such meshugga since there is NO humanitarian crisis in Gaza except the for the lie in most “Palestinian” heads.

One of the boats, dubbed “The Audacity of Hope” (yes, THAT “Audacity of Hope”), will be sailing with the aforementioned jackass Americans (34 last count) on board. One of those Americans will be Alice Walker, author of the popular novel “The Color Purple.”

The Hope-y/Change-y Boat will be carrying letters for the Arabs of Gaza that are supposed to express a sense of “solidarity” and “love” for the “Palestinians.”

In a special opinion piece for CNN, “Why I’m Sailing To Gaza,” Walker writes:

“Our boat, The Audacity of Hope, will be carrying letters to the people of Gaza. Letters expressing solidarity and love. That is all its cargo will consist of. If the Israeli military attacks us, it will be as if they attacked the mailman. This should go down hilariously in the annals of history. But if they insist on attacking us, wounding us, even murdering us, as they did some of the activists in the last flotilla, Freedom Flotilla I, what is to be done?”

There is nothing “hilarious” about this situation or Walker’s obvious anti-Israel point of view.

Israel will NOT attack a boat filled with unarmed, stupid people for no good reason.

In last year’s “Freedom Flotilla I,” the “humanitarian” freedom floaters resisted Israel’s order to turn back.

On May 31, 2010, Israeli naval commandos then attempted to board the six ships involved in an effort to escort them to the port of Ashdod for inspection. Five boats were boarded without incident.

However, “activists” aboard the MV Mavi Marmara VIOLENTLY RESISTED. They attacked the Israelis with makeshift weapons (and possibly live fire). The Israelis defended themselves. Nine “activists” died and several dozen other floaters and seven Israeli commandos were wounded.

The key words, in case you missed them, are “violently resisted.” Is Alice Walker really so STUPID as to believe that Israelis, unprovoked, are going to open fire on a bunch of “peaceful” Americans licking envelopes shut??

Israel has the right to defend herself. The naval blockade is there for a reason. The Arabs in Gaza elected a Jew-hating TERRORIST organization to govern them. The “Flotilla” of nutwhacks had no business sailing into that region in the first place.

Israel delivers humanitarian aid into Gaza EVERY day. Gaza has 5-Star hotels, state-of-the-art shopping malls, even a dadgum water/amusement park. Just a smidgeon of research on Walker’s part would confirm that this is true.

Walker goes on to write that she is also “sailing for Gaza” as a form of gratitude to the 1960s civil rights activists and Freedom Fighters Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman who were Jewish.

That is one of the most tortured, illogical bits of reasoning that I have ever read. She is going to thank Jews by helping…Arab “Palestinians” who are governed by a terrorist group that lobs rockets into Israel. Go figure….

And THEN she shamelessly goes on to use the “children card.” She writes:

“And what of the children of Palestine, who were ignored in our President’s latest speech on Israel and Palestine, and whose impoverished, terrorized, segregated existence was mocked by the standing ovations recently given in the U.S. Congress to the prime minister of Israel?”

Say what???? WHAT???? Mocking children by applauding PM Benjamin Netanyahu who had just stood-up to the most grotesque thing a modern President of the United States of America had ever said to Israel????

Hey, Alice…what about the Fogel family?? Three children, including a newborn baby, were brutally murdered by two unrepentent “Palestinian” men. What about those innocent children???

Here is a quote from “political organizer” Leslie Cagan, who is a coordinator for the American boat:

“We’re sending a message to our own government that we think it could play a much more positive role in not only ending the siege of Gaza, but also ending the whole occupation of Palestinian land”, she said. “The phrase [‘Audacity of Hope’] does capture what we believe, which is that it is possible to make change in a positive way, and that’s a very hopeful stance.”

“Ending the whole ‘occupation’ of Palestinian land….” Yeh, Leslie, that’s really a “positive” solution…screw the Jews out of their land. Way to go, Leslie.

One-quarter of Walker’s 33 shipmates will be a contingent of self-loathing Jews, including an 86-year-old woman named Hedy Epstein, whose parents died in the Holocaust. Here is the reason she gave for sailing:

“The American Jewish community and Israel both say that they speak for all Jews. They don’t speak for me. They don’t speak for the Jews in this country who are going to be on the U.S. boat, and the many others standing behind us.”

Well, Hedy, the way things are going, with the rise of anti-semitism in both the Middle East AND America, there may not be ANYONE speaking up you or any other Jew for in the not-too-distant future.

Nobody stood-up for six-million Jews in Nazi Germany. History has a way of repeating itself when its lessons are not learned….

There is no “hope” involved in “Flotilla, the Sequel.” The only “audacious” thing about it is the blatant anti-Israel sentiments based on lies, lies and more lies.

©June 2011 by Phyllis J. Hanniver


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One Response to Alice Walker

  1. proudinfidel says:

    Alice Walker is disgusting. What a hypocrite. She’s a writer and can’t do any research. I am a writer and I do research. She needs to get off that boat. She is a bitch.

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