Since You Asked….

Someone asked. This is what I wrote….

First of all let me say that I don’t label myself as a Republican, a Tea Partier or a Conservative. For most of my life I called myself a “liberal” Democrat but late last year I “woke up” to how certain things roll in the United States.

So, I guess I’m an “Independent” — I don’t like everything about any one of the different political parties — I’m just trying to pick & choose & sort things out.

In its “purist” form, the Tea Party is supposed to be about taxes…not raising them. Also, it’s supposed to be about cutting down on spending, adhering to the Constitution and encouraging individuals taking responsibility for themselves.

Anyway…an example…. My Dad is a life-long Republican and I used to never be able to understand why. Now I do because I understand what fiscal conservatism is.

My father owned his own business and worked for 40 years at it, provided for his family, saved money. AND he paid taxes. (And still does!) So he has always been conservative in the sense of why should he work so hard and then have to pay money to the government to support programs for people who don’t work. People like my Dad (i.e. any taxpayer) are the ones who are paying for services for illegal immigrants, welfare and food stamp recipients and all the other bloated, out-of-control entitlement programs.

In a Constitutional Republic, the playing field is level because every individual has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But with Socialism, the government takes $$$ from the taxpayers and spends the $$$ THEY earned to support another percentage of the population. And that is NOT an equal playing field.

For instance, health care is not an entitlement under the Constitution. (I’ve written about the history of health care for my blog.) The government (IMO) has no business butting into the health care of American citizens. There’s a woman I’m acquainted with who thinks that, as part of “Obamacare,” ALL women should have FREE access to birth control. That’s absurd! Who is going to pay for that?? People like my Dad wind up paying for crap like that.

And if the U.S. keeps going down the road it’s on now, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to pay for all the “free” stuff that other people don’t want to pay for. (Note: None of the “free stuff” is really free.)

If Obama had not been elected President, who knows, I might not have “woke up.” But (as you know!) I do NOT like him and I do not trust him. He is circumventing the Constitution and promoting Socialism in the United States. (Examples upon request.) His administration is corrupt. He is establishing ties with Islamic terrorist groups (the Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas). He treated Israel and PM Benjamin Netanyahu with contempt. I don’t believe that in reality he gives a hoot about gay rights.

The mainstream media does not report on the bad things that he and his cronies do. Liberals slam FOX News (I have no opinion either way on FOX) because they say their news is “slanted” toward Conservatives. BUT, the NY Times, Jon Stewart, et. al. are all horribly slanted towards liberals.

I get some of my news from the MSM, but mostly I read and watch alternative news sources such as blogs, independent and/or conservative sites, Israeli publications, etc. And the way to determine whether a story is true or not is to Google it and find backup stories from other sources. I no longer take the word of just one or two news sources any longer.

You asked about laws…. Of course we need and must have certain rules, regulations and laws to maintain order. But over the years, the government has intruded itself more and more into the individual’s PERSONAL life.

Instead of letting people be responsible for their own lives and choose for themselves, the government is trying to decide for us. These “little laws” chip away at FREEDOM little by little.

Mandatory seat belts
Mandatory motorcycle helmets
Mandatory bicycle helmets for kids
Mandatory life jackets
No smoking indoors
No smoking in some outdoor areas
Banning the incandescent light bulb
Limiting the # of pets
Mandatory car seats for kids
REQUIRING people to buy health care under Obamacare or be fined

Examples of problems that have led to more problems:
The TSA (that’s another whole story in itself)
Political Correctness (another long story)
Certain kinds of parking enforcement
Cameras at busy intersections
Illegal immigration
The Patriot Act

You mentioned mega-churches also…. Yes, there are some extremist Christian churches that can be dangerous and hateful. But Islam is MUCH more dangerous for women, gays, Jews, etc. (just about anybody actually) — even HERE in the U.S. (Islam is not just a religion and it is not a race — it is a totalitarian ideology.)

With help, I have done a ton of research on this stuff. If you want links to sites with more info, I will be glad to send them. If I didn’t believe what I’m posting on FB or writing about on my blog to be true, I wouldn’t do it. As it is, a number of “friends” have unfriended me, even blocked me just because I don’t like Obama and/or because they can’t or won’t see the danger of Islam and/or because I support Israel.

I’ve probably left stuff out…it’s a BIG topic! And I’m sorry if I get too preachy sometimes. But I am always open to discussion & debate.


About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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