A Cup of Tea Perhaps?

Liberals, Progressives and Democrats…and even some Republicans…all seem to hate the political group known as the Tea Party.

In recent weeks, Tea Party peeps have been referred to as terrorists, violent and dangerous extremists, traitors, Hobbits and anarchists.  It has even been suggested by a jack-booted, leftwing liberal nutwhack that the Tea Party and its followers should not be reported on by the mainstream media.  (This is also more commonly known as denying a group its right to freedom of speech.)

The “mainstream media” is that same liberal, elitist propaganda machine that couldn’t be bothered to tell the truth even if it was hit in the face by a two-by-four with it or forced to be locked in a room with Ann Coulter for 24 hours.

The Tea Party is being blamed for all that is wrong with the United States these days, an honor that is traditionally reserved only for gays and Jews.

Even though some guy named Barack Hussein Obama and his radical, community-activist cronies are the ones calling the shots, for some reason a group of everyday Americans from many different walks of life, is being held responsible for all the debt, taxes, unemployment, inflation, war and who knows what all else — maybe even the severe drought in Texas.

In reality, Tea Party folks are simply people who don’t like Big Government and high taxes.  What they do believe in is adhering to the U.S. Constitution, individual liberty and freedom of religion.  They don’t believe in socialism or fascism.

As a matter of fact, they are the ones who have, you know, noticed that our Big Brother government is taking away more and more of our freedoms, creating more and more regulations and laws, butting with increasing frequency into our private lives and destroying our livelihoods.  They are also aware that the so-called progressive practice of “Political Correctness” is killing us.

When one suddenly wakes-up to the destruction being perpetrated upon our Constitution, our citizens, Republic and  freedoms, it leaves one rather breathless with shock.

Within the span of a few short days this last week, the stock market fell 500+ points, the S&P downgraded the USA’s credit rating and China reprimanded our nation for its crappy debt problems.  In the meantime, the “Leader of the Free World” celebrated his 50th (?) birthday with unabashed, in-your-face extravagance, attended three campaign fundraisers and took off for Camp David for the weekend.

Liberals and progressives seem incapable of looking at both sides of any issue.  Rather, they deride, insult and basically try to shout down any and all opposition.

Liberals insist that everyone is entitled to “free” health care, that all women deserve to have “free” birth control pills, that illegal aliens in the United States should be guaranteed a “free ride,” that the government knows what’s best for every individual. AND, liberals believe that if the government can’t change something that it doesn’t like, then it should simply ban it.

Liberals also insist that the Tea Partiers are set on the destruction of our country because they question how all this government interference affects individual liberty and how all this “free” stuff is going to be paid for.

In some ways, it all comes down to a simple superior understanding of money and accounting principles.  If you spend and spend and spend, borrow, borrow and borrow, tax and tax and tax, you run out of money.  End of story.  Case closed.

So it’s funny to me how liberals shove their arrogant know-it-all opinions in everyone else’s faces without ever checking out one single dadgum fact.  It is laughable how they rip apart loyal patriots and Constitutionalists who don’t see Big Government (i.e. Socialism) as a good thing.

But with the knowledge of a little bit of history, Tea Party members can basically blow the “modern liberals” right out of their self-induced coma of superiority.

Classical Liberalism” is what “modern liberalism” is used to be.  Classical Liberalism promotes limited government, liberty of individuals, freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and free markets.

Classical Liberalism is based upon the economic principles of Adam Smith, as well as an understanding of individual liberty, natural law, utilitarianism and progress.  Classical Liberalism calls for the government to be as small as possible so that individual liberty is never at risk.

Adam Smith believed that government should serve only three purposes: “protection against foreign invaders; protection for citizens from wrongs committed by other citizens; and maintaining those public institutions and public works that the private sector cannot profitably provide.”

The sovereignty of the individual and the right to private property is of the utmost importance to a classical liberal.

In fact, Classical Liberalism was the cornerstone of American business until the Great Depression of the 1930s.  In other words, Americans were free to be prosperous without interference from the government.  The individual was in charge of his or her own destiny.  When the going got rough, people helped each other; they did not rely on the government to butt in.

Modern Liberalism is NOT Classical Liberalism.  People who originally climbed on board the liberal train did not believe in a free ride.  But in the years leading up to the Great Depression there was a shift that allowed for government intervention in the economy.  Individual liberty and Constitutionalism gave way to the New Deal welfare state; the Republic gave way to democratic socialism.

Classical liberals viewed the government as the enemy of individual liberty; the modern loons who call themselves liberals now believe in more government, more laws, more regulations, more control over the individual.

So, the POINT is, that Classical Liberalism is what the 21st-century Tea Party is all about.  Ain’t that something?

Our country worked just fine at one time without a Big Government Nanny continuously looking over our shoulders.  And it can work just fine that way again.

The Tea Party wants individual freedom, adherence to the Constitution, less taxes, less rules, laws and regulations, zero socialism, the freedom to make their own decisions, secured borders and the right to the pursuit of happiness.

The only things the Tea Party wants from the government are those three purposes that Adam Smith believed in: “protection against foreign invaders; protections for citizens from wrongs committed by other citizens; and maintaining those public institutions and public works that the private sector cannot profitably provide.”

That doesn’t sound like terrorism to me.

Copyright August 2011 by Phyllis J. Hanniver


About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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