Unholy Alliance

I have been repeating over and over again that he who cannot protect himself or his nearest and dearest or their honour by nonviolently facing death may and ought to do so by violently dealing with the oppressor. He who can do neither of the two is a burden. He has no business to be the head of a family. He must either hide himself, or must rest content to live for ever in helplessness and be prepared to crawl like a worm at the bidding of a bully.”  (Mahatma Gandhi)

The other night, I was reading an article written by the Bishop of the Northern California Episcopal Church Diocese.  He was all enthused about “a high-level conference on conditions facing Christians in the Holy Land” that he had attended in England in June.

The Episcopal Church is the American offshoot of the Anglican Church of England.   It is sometimes jokingly referred to as “Catholic Lite” — much of its dogma and ritual closely matches that of the Roman Catholic religion.  The difference is that there are not so many rules.  And Episcopalians are proud of saying that you “don’t have to leave your brain at the door” to attend services.  Free thought is encouraged (unless it’s not convenient to the administrative and political agenda of the organization).

The Northern California Diocese spans a huge chunk of territory — from Stockton in the south to Eureka and Crescent City in the west and north to the border of Oregon and as far east as the border of Nevada.  There are 72 parishes and approximately 14,000 members.  The center of its Universe is the  Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP) in Berkeley, CA.  The priests churned out from that institution are not necessarily taught to be “holy” or to be Good Shepherds (or even well-educated for that matter) but rather, to be airy-fairy, elitist Progressives.

Now, I have absolutely nothing against Episcopalians in general.  But “someone” definitely left his brain at the door when he wrote the above-referenced article.

The latest “mission” for the Episcopal, Anglican and Catholic churches is, in a nutshell, to fix the Holy Land.

And it’s like, okay, that’s cool…sounds good to me.  Arab Muslims now have control of Bethlehem which is about the dumbest thing that could ever have happened to a land sacred to Christians (or sacred to anyone).

So I’m thinkin’ “Yeh!  Get those freakin’ Muslims out of there and give Bethlehem back to the Jews.”  Because, then and only then, will the land actually be holy again and open to people of all faiths.  Only THEN can there be true peace.

But noooooooo….  The churches are bemoaning the plight of the pooooor “Palestinians” who are, to quote the Bishop, living under a *Military Occupation.*

And I’m like..<.doubletake>…WTF???

Not only is the Episcopal Church ASSUMING that there is indeed a “Military Occupation,” but the Church also believes that the only way to save the Holy Land is by means of the “Two-State Solution.”

When I was reading that incredible cesspool of verbage, I could feel my stomach constricting into a painful, twisted knot.

The Bishop went on to babble about how he and the (Anglican) Archbishop of Canterbury and (Catholic) Archbishop of Winchester and other church leaders had an airy-fairy “deep listening” experience with the “Palestinian” Christians in the Holy Land.

The California Bishop offered a sweeping solution for the woes of all Christians in the Holy Land by quoting Rowan Williams: “What is good for Palestinian Christians is good for Palestinians generally, and is therefore also good for Israel.”  And I’m like, wondering, who the heck died and put Rowan Williams or any other Christian clergy person in charge of the fate and/or government of Israel????

So not only are Episcopalian Christians being told by their Bishop that there is a “Military Occupation,” they are also being misled into believing that there really are “Palestinians”!!

So we’re three for three here — Military Occupation, Palestinians and Two-State Solution.  And all of this was thrown out there into the Episcopalian-Christian-Northern California cyber-world in the most off-handed way possible, suggesting that the writer’s slime-pit of pontification was infallibly true.

The hierarchy and rules of the Church and  and organized religion are annoying enough, but now politics (not to mention IGNORANCE) is being unabashedly thrown into the mix.

The Episcopal Church is basically throwing Israel and the Jews under the bus just the way Barack Hussein Obama is doing.

There has never been any such thing as “Palestine.”  There is no such thing as a “Palestinian.”  Israel is Israel.  Period.  End of story.

It is extremely naïve (and stupid) for these Left-Wing, “Progressive,” bleeding-heart Episcopalian “Christians” to believe that giving Arab Muslims their own state is going to protect the Holy Land.

The problem is not Israel — it is ISLAM.  The intolerance of Islam and Sharia Law is what is making life unbearable for so many Christians and Jews all over the Middle East.  But  Blind Adherence to “Political Correctness” does not, thus far, allow for the truth to be admitted.

Jews don’t persecute and kill Christians — Islamists do.

Rather than try to jackboot Israel into giving up more land, would it not be more sensible for these nitwits to give a helping hand to all their fellow Christians in the Middle East who are being persecuted and murdered by Muslim extremists??

How the heck is promoting the Islamic anti-Israel agenda, going to help ANYONE?  A two-state “solution” will not solve a dadgum thing because Islamic Jihad calls for the complete destruction of Israel.

In fact, Islamic Jihad calls for the destruction of Christians also.  And women and gays are persecuted daily by Islam.

A two-state solution will not work because Israel is ISRAEL…ISRAEL…ISRAEL.  NOT “Palestine”!!

Jesus (Yeshua) himself was a JEW.  He called himself the Good Shepherd and called for all his followers to take care of and shepherd one another.  A Good Shepherd takes care of his or her flock by fighting the REAL enemy, not by hiding his or head in the sand.

The author of the article (which can be read in full below) is leading his own sheep astray by feeding them misinformation, promoting anti-Israel sentiment and by not defending them from the TRUE enemy (which is ISLAM).

If this is the “official” three-pronged position of the NorCal Episcopal Diocese — “occupation,” “Palestine” and “Two-State Solution” — well, I’m already kickin’ the dust off my sandals and not lettin’ the church doors hit me on my backside.

©August 2011 by Phyllis J. Hanniver


The Bishop’s Message,  August 11, 2011
Dear Friends in Christ:
Grace and peace to you.
Near the end of June, it was my privilege to attend a high-level conference on conditions facing Christians in the Holy Land. This event, held at Lambeth Palace, was jointly sponsored by the Archbishop of Canterbury and his Roman Catholic counterpart, the Archbishop of Winchester. Anglican and Roman Catholic leaders from Britain and the U.S. were invited, together with a few other church and interfaith representatives, and some government officials. But a large number of the people in the room were actually from the Holy Land; these brothers and sisters in Christ came to tell us their story, and the main purpose of our two days together was a time of “deep listening” to them.

They represent a rapidly shrinking community: in large part because of the difficulties of living under military occupation, in the last two decades the number of Christians in relation to the total population of the Holy Land has dropped from 15% to just above 1%. Understanding the vital role that the Christian community plays as a bridge-building, peace-making force for good in the region, this decline is enormously discouraging. The need to address this situation is urgent.

We were challenged to continue and increase advocacy and action regarding a two-state solution to the current political situation, economic development, housing issues, residence permits, and access to the holy sites; to continue interfaith dialogue efforts, and help to create more contact between individual Israelis and Palestinians.; to come to the aid of our fellow Christians trusting that, as attend a high-level conference on conditions facing Christians in the Holy Land Rowan Williams said, “What is good for Palestinian Christians is good for Palestinians generally, and is therefore also good for Israel.”

One thing was emphasized again and again: “Visit us!” I encourage you to make use of appropriate opportunities for pilgrimage for yourselves and for your congregations. (Ann and I have now committed to leading another pilgrimage in April 2013.)

I ask that all priests in charge of congregations make prayer “for the Christians of the Holy Land” a regular part of your Sunday intercessions, beginning immediately and continuing until further notice. As the Latin Patriarch pleaded at the conclusion of this conference, “Do not forget us!” For at least as long as I am bishop, we won’t.

Yours in Christ,

Bishop’s Signature

Facts About Palestinian Christians by
Mikkel Jakobsen

There’s only 3% left of the Palestinians who are Christians, and their biggest problem is NOT Israel. In fact many of them are fleeing into Israel or to somewhere in the West.

The biggest threat to them is the 97% of the Palestinians who are muslims. Who persecute, beat, jail, and torture Palestinian Christians, simply because they are Christians.

That’s also why only 3% is left in the Middle East, and 55% of them live as refugees in other countries around the world.

They are not allowed to celebrate Christmas in the West bank or in Gaza. And they don’t have the same rights as Muslim Palestinians.

http://www.yout ube.com/wat?ch% 3Fv=aaYmPmoIpS8

http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v =1TBfPa7kFH8

http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v =Glpd032iqT8

http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v =BZYrAg0894Y

http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v =6uXlOiqFaDg

http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v =bS1qvtFjA8A&pl aynext=1&list=P L708CCDF1EE941C 05

http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v =KKfe12JBFGw

http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v =MpdxgvzIdLU

Muslims desecrate Christian graves in the Palestinian areas :

http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v =XP9BazI-_js

http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v =_1iM-kzqAGY

http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v =cY-NOiBjeiU

Christians fleeing from muslim persecution in the Middle East :

http://www.yout ube.com/watch?v =m_wZb9Rj2rw


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