Capitalism 101

The Best & the Brightest On Wall Street....

There have been a bunch of nitwits having an old-fashioned Hippie sit-in on Wall Street for the past week or so.

Now, I’m not saying that peaceful protest is a bad thing. But, heck, at least try to understand what you are protesting about.

Here are what some of the signs say that protesters are displaying in New York’s Financial District:

“Abolish Capitalism.”

“People Over Profit.”

“Dissent [sic] is patriotic.”

“Make Jobs Not War.”

“Jump You F*ckers.”

“Bail Out People…the Unemployed, Workers, Students, the Homeless and the Poor…Not the Banks.”

“Free Tuition…Open Admissions.”

“Class War Against Capitalist War Abroad and At Home.”

And I wonder … how did we get to this bizarre place of expecting all the so-called rich people to pay for everyone else’s stuff??

And if wealthy people have to pay for everyone else’s stuff, who is even going to want to work hard to become rich?!?!

Think about it…. If nobody makes a profit, everybody loses!

Many of the protestor/”activists” on Wall Street, who I guess have no jobs (else how would they have time to block traffic all day), barely look old enough to have experienced life or to have learned anything from the “School of Hard Knocks.”

The School of Hard Knocks is where a lot of us older folks learned about personal responsibility. And it is where we figured out that nobody EVER said that life was going to be fair. Some of us learned the hard way that saving money is actually a good idea and that there is so magic white knight/spouse/parent/government agency that can save us from ourselves.

(Believe me, I KNOW….)

There are a lot of problems with corporations — no doubt about that. But capitalism is not one of them.

Capitalism means that anyone … ANYONE … can venture forth and start his or her own business from scratch and then grow it as big as he or she wants it to be. The business may or may not make it, but the good thing about that is that so-called “failure” can be a good teacher.

The problem is not capitalism — it is all the nitpicky rules, regulations, fees, forms and taxes that the GOVERNMENT requires to start a business that is the problem!

Don’t like corporations? Don’t work for one. Don’t buy the stuff that they produce. Don’t invest in one.

Invest in yourself.

And this “redistribution of wealth” that “progressives” are so fired-up about these day — what the heck is THAT all about??

The youngsters sitting around on Wall Street trying to change the world by doing absolutely NOTHING, say they want “Socialism.”

Well, if young people want “Socialism,” they should just hop into a row boat and go live in Cuba for year. (Or … just stay there!)

The thing about “Socialism” is that there is no longer a choice between what’s yours and what’s mine. You know, kind of like COMMUNISM.

Adolf Hitler was a “Socialist.” The term Nazi is an abbreviation for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. And we all know how great that little experiment turned out.

(Well…at least I THINK we all do. Do kids learn about WWII, the Nazis and the Holocaust in school anymore? Do they learn ANY history??)

Hugo Chávez of Venezuela is a Socialist. And doesn’t THAT sound like a great country to live in?

The novel “1984” by George Orwell is about Socialism. Maybe while the protestors are lounging around on Wall Street, they could pick up a few copies and read it to each other.

The government has absolutely no place in deciding how each of us redistributes our own money. Each individual has the *choice* of donating money to causes that help the poor, the homeless, Veterans, the unemployed. To be FORCED to contribute is just plain wrong.

By all means, clean up the corruption in banks, corporations and in the government. These are all worthy causes.

But if the freedom of people to make money is curtailed, everyone will suffer. There is no free ride. There is no free stuff.

©September 2011 by Phyllis J. Hanniver


About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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