When the temperatures get chilly, are the OWS “protestors” still going to camp out in city parks and slog through all their wet, freezing trash holding umbrellas for each other, chanting “give free stuff a chance”?

Or perhaps they will demand that some “evil” capitalist open up an office building for them so that they can be snug and warm lounging around capitalist-generated space heaters using capitalist-engineered electricity.

Well, no matter — I have no pity for zombies who chant sentences in unison and twinkle their frost-bit dirty fingers in the air.

The “mainstream” media characterizes these loons as some kind of heroes who are going to save the United States from, well … money, I guess.

But to the generation of my parents, and mine too for that matter, the OWS groups basically consist of people who are too stupid to come in out of the rain.

And the question begs to be asked, why does the MSM support the OWS message??  Are not reporters and talking heads paid by big corporations that are run by … capitalists?  Or are they just trying to talk themselves out of jobs?

And now, as the weeks have progressed and the garbage has piled up, the zombies have been joined by a host of hate-mongering, anti-America groups that are sowing seeds of downright ugliness.

If I personally had kids who were mindlessly parroting the hate-filled messages of Nazis and Socialists, I would be horrified.  And yet, there are so-called “adults” out there as well, also making jackasses of themselves!!  Their lips are moving and words are coming out, but most of them have NO CLUE as to what they are saying!

There’s a You Tube video floating around of a Russian man asking OWS zombies why capitalism is bad and socialism is good.  He even points out that he lived under the jackboot of socialism in his native land and it was not enjoyable, to say the least.  But the zombies, who obviously never cracked open a history book or had an ancestor flee a country in order to stay alive, shout him down.

The OWS zombies have been endorsed by the Communist Party, the Nazi Party, left-wing unions and Islamic extremists.  They are also being encouraged by incredibly wealthy celebrities, who have obviously benefited from the evils of capitalism, as well as Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama.  Even Ben and Jerry think that OWS is cool.  (Too bad — I’m gonna moss their caramel-chocolate vanilla ice cream.)  And what kind of HYPOCRISY is that??  These are two Hippie-Dippie guys who have made millions of dollars by means of the evil capitalistic system.

AND … there is a particularly DISTURBING serpent of anti-semitic, anti-zionist rhetoric slinking its way into the OWS rant.

Well, those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it and all that … and it is going down right NOW.

The brain-dead zombies are being led like sheep to the slaughter into dangerous territory.  The socialist community organizers lurking in the shadows are leading a bunch of useful idiots down a path can only take away more of our precious freedom.

Nothing good can come of blaming the Jews … again ….

© October 2011 by Phyllis J. Hanniver


About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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