Black Friday

The word is that the Occupy Wall Street movement’s next big “event” will be sit-ins at retail stores on Black Friday.*

“Black Friday” is the uniquely American term designated for the day after Thanksgiving (this year, November 25) when stores open their doors early to huge crowds of holiday shoppers who are looking for  bargains on gifts.

And I’m thinking, Wow!  Slovenly OWS loons vs. determined Black Friday shoppers — let the games begin!

Now, I’ve never gone shopping on Black Friday — I’m not big on large frenzied crowds and three-story malls blasting “Jingle Bells” over and over and over again.  And breathing all that recycled air gives me a headache.  Black Friday is just not my thing — it’s not the way I roll.

I have to admit that, yeppers, I am tired of corporate greed and shady business deals, crony capitalism, overpaid CEOs and insider trading.  But ever since this whole OWS travelling circus began, I have been appalled at many of the actions of the clowns who call themselves the “99 %.”

And now they want to hi-jack Black Friday by preventing shoppers from shopping.  And by preventing shoppers from buying stuff, the OWS leeches hope to zero out corporate bottom lines and crash the stock market.

I definitely believe that “voting with our dollars” is a very effective way to make a political statement and/or to get a company’s attention.  However, I’m thinking that the OWS plan to try to deprive shoppers of their *choice* of where and how and what to buy, is way over the top.

Of course, OWS peeps can’t vote with their dollars because they don’t have any dollars.  But is preventing Grandma from buying her grandchild a cheap Barbie doll the way to make a political statement?  I think not.

And what about the store employees?  OWS says it doesn’t plan to target any small privately-owned small businesses since the owners work hard for their money unlike the evil corporations.  But what about the stock clerks, cashiers, sales people and other paid workers who depend on a paycheck from the “evil corporation”?  Does OWS want to zero-out their bottom line also?

What if that same Grandma mentioned before works as a cashier at a big-box store and has been looking forward to Black Friday  and using her employee discount to buy Barbie?

No customers = no goods sold = no income = no paycheck = no employee discount = no Barbie = sad kid.

But, oh well, as I said, Let the games begin.  Can you picture it?  Hundreds of strong women carrying big heavy purses pushing at the Wal-Mart doors vs. skinny, malnutritioned, out of shape, Basket Weaving majors who’ve never carried a 40-pound bag of cat litter into the house … ever???

Bring it on!

© November 2011 by Phyllis J. Hanniver



About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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