The Anti-Jew

Oblahblah is in full-campaign mode for 2012 and now is intent upon lying his way into the good graces of Jewish voters.

Nevermind that all of his ACTIONS toward Israel over the last 3 years have been decidedly anti-Jew.  That’s yesterday’s news in Oblahblah’s warped mind.  Now he states that no other administration in U.S. history “has done more in support of Israel’s security.  Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. It is a fact.”

Ha!  That’s all a bunch of baloney and as I’ve written before, any Jew who votes for O again in 2012 is betraying Israel and ALL Jews.

The guy will stop at nothing to try to garner votes.  The latest travesty has to do with his speech in Maryland on Friday to the Union for Reform Judiasm.*

This same guy, who during the 2008 campaign, requested that the children be left out of it,** is now using his *daughter* to woo Jewish voters.

Apparently, O’s daughter Malia is now the “family expert” on all things Jewish and attends the Bat Mitzvahs of her friends on the weekends.

There’s no way of knowing whether that is true or not, but this is not really about Malia or Sasha. This is about an arrogant, narcissistic liar using his own kid for political gain.

This is the same moron who “celebrated” Hannukah two weeks too soon and lit all of the Menorrah candles at once.  And this is the same Moslem-sympathizer who has allowed terrorist-backed groups like CAIR to infiltrate the US government.

If Malia is enjoying the company of her Jewish friends, that’s cool.  But her father’s *exploitation* of those alleged friendships to gather money and votes is nothing less than shameful.

©December 2011 by Phyllis J. Hanniver

* Obama talks Torah, Malia’s bar, bat mitzvahs at Union for Reform Judaism

By Lynn Sweet on December 16, 2011 4:25 PM | Chicago Sun Times

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD.–President Obama talked about the Torah portion for this week and daughter Malia’s attendance at bar and bat mitzvah’s in his speech to the Union for Reform Judaism on Friday.

“Now, since my daughter Malia has reached the age where it seems like there’s always a Bar or Bat Mitzvah — — every weekend, and there is quite a bit of negotiations around the skirts that she wears at these Bat Mitzvahs — — do you guys have these conversations as well? All right. I just wanted to be clear it wasn’t just me. What time you get home.

“As a consequence, she’s become the family expert on Jewish tradition. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from her, it’s that it never hurts to begin a speech by discussing the Torah portion. It doesn’t hurt,” Obama said.

**Full quote:  “I have heard some of the news on this and so let me be as clear as possible. I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits, and people’s children are especially off limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics, it has no relevance to governor Palin’s performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president. And so I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18. And how family deals with issues and teenage children that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics and I hope that anybody who is supporting me understands that is off limits.”  (Barack Hussein Obama 2008)


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