It is still fascinating to me how Obama supporters have no concern about their guy’s murky past … well, more to the point, his almost-nonexistent past.  The guy has basically no resume and yet somehow he was annointed as the President of the greatest country in the world.

And now, with the countdown at 304 days until the Messiah is voted out of office, the liberal MSM (mainstream media) is methodically  and ruthlessly ripping every single Republican presidential candidate to shreds.

Nothing seems to be off-limits for the MSM attackers:  Michelle Bachmann’s every mispoken word; Herman Cain’s alleged extra-marital affairs; Newt Gringrich’s personal and professional baggage; the alleged rock with racist scribbling on Rick Perry’s land; Mitt Romney’s wealth.  So-called “Blue Republicans” are trying to rig the primaries in favor of Ron Paul, thus splitting the vote and ensuring that Oblahblah gets re-elected.  And the MSM has even stooped soooooo low, as they did with Sarah Palin’s baby Trig, as to ridicule Rick Santorum and his wife for the manner in which they said goodbye to their dying baby.

No matter what one’s opinion is of each of the individual candidates, they are all human and they all have flaws, just like you and me.

So I still have to wonder why the One’s flaws and mistakes are covered up and glossed over by his rapt and drooling followers.

Because, let’s face it, the man is riddled with flaws.  His past and present associates include radical leftist Communists, Socialists and Sharia-promoting Islamists.  His so-called church “pastor” of 20 years is a racist liberation theologist.  And yep, I’m gonna say it again — he has produced NO credible paperwork to prove where he was born.  His employers (uh, that’s US by the way), have never seen his passport, his school diplomas, any college papers he may have written.  It has been proven that he is using a fake Social Security number.

So it utterly boggles my mind that a Jew-hating Marxist is given a pass on every single unconstitutional thing he says or does, but that determining every detail of Herman Cain’s sex life is of such grave importance.

The checks and balances that our Founding Fathers set up for governing our Republic are being ignored while the Messiah bypasses Congress at every turn and sets himself up as Dictator-in-Chief.

And I am sooooooo tired of his followers making excuses for him.  I am tired of liberals smirking at patriots who want to see Obama’s papers.  I’m tired of progressives blindly turning our country into a socialist nightmare.

When my great-grandparents fled Russia at the turn of the 20th century, they came to the United States to be free of tyranny, oppression and persecution.  And now, less than 100 years later, we are all in danger of losing our liberties to a Marxist idiot and his spendthrift, “let-them-eat-cake” wife.

Progressives are terrified of Rick Santorum because he’s pro-life and believes that life begins at conception.  I have seen articles ridiculing him for that belief.  What kind of nation have we become that people would think it a danger for a man to be on the side of life??

But of course, these are the same people who think that Obamacare (i.e. socialized medicine) is a gift, literally, from a god.

Socialized medicine is *not* on the side of life, no matter what age you are.

Sometimes I feel sad that I have no children or grandchildren to carry on the family name or take care of whichever of my cats are still around when I die.  But then I think, “Damn!  Would I want a granchild of mine to inherit an Obamacized world?!?!”  ( The answer is no.)

I’m not afraid of a Rick Santorum or a Newt Gingrich becoming President because I know that each of them will steer our country back to its Constitutional foundation.  I know that if a patriotic president were to try to take anyone’s rights away with amendments or executive orders, that We the People would have our power back to prevent that from happening.

We don’t have that certainty with Obama.  He is taking all of our power AWAY from us.

We have nothing to fear from a Herman Cain or a Michelle Bachmann because each of them would work for US.

More people need to be afraid of Barack Hussein Obama.  He *must* be held accountable for his past and for the last three years of his unconstitutional and criminal behavior.

And he needs to be thrown out of OUR White House on November 6, 2012.

© January 2012 by Phyllis J. Hanniver


About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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