Everything Old Is New Again

Today I had my usual monthly Friday-morning-at-Peet’s coffeehouse – where I surf the net with free wi-fi, drink fresh brew and eat a cinnamon roll.

There are a ton of Peet’s here in Sacramento, but I always go to the same one because they play calming classical music over the PA system instead of the usual nerve-jangling pretentious crap.

I had my little corner all to myself – same-old, same-old – when suddenly a couple of young women came in, one of them carrying a huge amplifier.  “Ruh-Roh,” thought I, “there goes my quiet coffee-klatsch with me and my virtual Facebook buddies.”

Amplifier-girl went back out and came back with a huge guitar case and then they both started yakking with a guy-friend while they set-up their equipment.

I love listening to live music, but I wasn’t feeling too hopeful about whatever was about to transpire.  They were staking out their performance space right near my nook and I figured I would either have to move or leave.  I was expecting “loud.”

But I decided to wait and see what kind of guitar amplifier-girl was going to pull out, thinking, “Well, ya never know, maybe it’ll be a classical guitar.”
What she actually pulled out was a pretty darn cool-looking retro-1970s electric jazz guitar.  And then I noticed that girl #2 was setting up a microphone for singing.

I use the word “girl,” not to be snarky, but because, looking over the top of my bifocals, they really did look like GIRLS.  They didn’t even look like they were in their 20s!

But anywho, breathlessly I waited to see if I was either going to close-up the laptop or take a hike.  What would kind of music would it be?

And then it was like, wow! what a surprise!  Girl #2, a wispy blonde Virgo-type blonde in a flowery dress, started to sing and holy-granola, what a voice!!  AND…the songs!!  She was singing bluesy/jazzy classics a la “Moon River,” “Autumn Leaves” and “The Nearness Of You”!!

And the other young woman, dark-haired and a Scorpio-type, played incredible jazz guitar riffs!!  It was amazing.

So, needless, to say, I hung-out.  And I enjoyed every minute of it.  Not just the music, but the absolute pleasure of hearing and seeing two (REALLY) young women demonstrating an appreciation for the old musical standards.

And they weren’t show-offy or arrogant – they were simply talented and refreshingly sincere.

And polite.  When I finally got up to leave, I thanked them for the music and said how much I enjoyed it. They were sweet about it and thanked me for sticking around.

It was a wonderful experience.  Those two girls blessed me with lovely music and hope for the future.  Sometimes it’s really true: Good things come to those who wait!

Copyright May 2012
By Phyllis J. Hanniver


About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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One Response to Everything Old Is New Again

  1. June G says:

    Ah! Thanks for sharing this sweet find and for your entertaining writing style!

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