Mulder and the Green Bean

It’s always so cool to discover that I can still laugh out loud and that the funniest things are still the simplest things.

My 2-1/2-year-old cat, Mulder, likes to play fetch and chase, usually with those little round “Scunci” ponytail-hair thingies. The way it works usually is that he brings me a thingy in his mouth and drops it in front of me wherever I happen to be sitting. This ritual also includes his bounding energetically up onto the chair or bed and making sure that I notice that he has brought me something.

Generally the next step is for me to wriggle the thingy under his nose so that he can bat at it with his paws. And then after a bit of that, I hold up the thingy, pause suspensefully while he eyeballs it and stands alert with anticipation, and then I throw it across the room.

He leaps after it, dashing across the small space with lightening speed. He either brings the thingy back to me to toss again or he comes back without it, jumps up and waits ….

When he jumps up with no prize for me, that is when I either have to ignore him or remove one or both of the other cats from my lap, struggle to my feet and go around the house collecting previously tossed thingies from the floor. Since it is impossible to ignore him sitting there, silent and still, staring at me, get up I must and gather up a stockpile of thingies to keep by my side.

Thus we resume The Game — I throw, he chases, he comes bounding back with or without a gift, I throw, he chases, he comes bounding back, I throw, he chases … until the thingy supply has been depleted.

Okay, that’s the background story.

So today, I’m lounging around in zombie mode, FaceBooking and whatnot, hemmed-in by a couple of felines, when suddenly Mulder leaps out of nowhere up onto the bed and drops a fresh, long, garden-grown green bean on my arm! And then he sat, so obviously proud and excited, and awaited my response.

I was startled for a second, but then upon realizing what he had done, I burst out laughing. I was so tickled by his simple glee at the “prey” he had captured that of course I could not be mad. I had left a plastic bag that a friend had filled with vegetables from her garden for me on my kitchen counter when I had gotten home, too tired to deal with putting them away at the time.

Unbeknownst to me, Mulder had been doing one of his “prohibited” supervisory sweeps of the counter while I was otherwise distracted.

It was just so delightful. I daresay it was most likely the highlight of my day! I guess I could be a curmudgeon and say, “Well, that’s a damn boring life I’ve got going here.” But no — I am grateful that I am still young enough in mind and spirit (if not in body!) to be so happy about such a simple little thing(y).

After he had delivered his precious treasure Mulder waited, not letting me ignore him. I picked up the green bean and threw it, he leaped to the floor for the chase, pounced on it and then came back to me … without the green bean.

End of story!

(c) June 2012 by Phyllis J. Hanniver




About pjh95811

I am a writer and poet living in California. I love cats, dogs, nature, poetry, spirituality and the Pacific Ocean.
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